What processing processes need to be made after the completion of hardware stamping parts?

Hardware stamping parts cannot be considered complete processing, as general use of hardware stamping is machined from the shape of the part, and there is also a series of processing to complete the parts. What are the processes after the machining of the general hardware stamping parts?

1, flake turns the edge or outer edge of the workpiece in the molded direction in the mold. According to the nature and stress state of the edge of the workpiece, the flan can be divided into the inner hole flap and the outer edge; according to the change of the thickness of the wall, it can be divided into non-thin flaps (collectively referred to ) And thinning. The stamping parts process of the converting can be processed more complicated and has a good stiffness and a reasonable spatial shape, so it is widely used in production. 2, the bulging Blowfield processing is a forming process of the elongate class. The expansion processing is mainly partially flooded (commonly known as undulating forming or ribs) and cylindrical hollow blank or tubular blanks (commonly known as convex belly) or the like. Whether it is a flat-shaped flat blank of a flat-shaped slate or a convex forale-shaped blast shape, it is generally necessary to use a flora mold through the pressure of the press to be completed. In the case where only a small amount of single piece is small and the dimension is smaller, it is considered to be completed by manual operation by manual operation.

Due to the role of the sheet, the sheet is protected by two-way tensile stress, because in general, the blank of the deformed area does not produce plastic instability and wrinkles. The surface of the part is made in the hardware stamping parts is smooth, the quality is better, and the size of the size is highly accurate. Therefore, expansion processing is widely used in industrial sectors such as automotive, electrical appliances, electronics, daily necessities and aircraft manufacturing.

3, the retardation and the expansion The ingress is a shaped process that reduces the latex diameter of the cylinder or the tubular blank, which can be shrunk into a cone, Spherical or other shapes; and the expansion is in contrast to the zoom, and is a shaped process that enlarges the diameter of the mouth of the hollow part or tubular part.

4, leveling and shaping

Time-shaped forming steps belonging to the whole, to eliminate the defects of the sheets after various forming processes, and the blank or The flatness and warpage of punching parts is flat, the so-called level; the curved piece, the depth of the depth, or other molded parts is integrated into the correct shape, which is integrated.