Thoughtlessness Is Weakness

Thoughtlessness in A Course in Marvels (ACIM) implies far beyond not focusing. Since we are picking constantly, being careless is concurring with the miscreations of the inner self idea framework to zero in on the extended types of the world as reality rather than the brain as the reason. It is aversion of conceding the decision we are truly making which is to deny Love, God and Truth by imagining we don’t understand how we are picking, or that we can’t pick in an unexpected way (defenseless).

ACIM is about satisfied, or the psyche, you are utilizing for the endlessly cause is the thing you are picking, or concurring with, in the brain. You see the relating impact once you do that. Structures are the ways of behaving and things projected into the world as miscreations made by the self image, i.e., they are just decisions from concurring with the inner self brain as cause.

Structures are carelessness which prompts defenselessness. The regular acim movement is into extended latent forceful ways of behaving to deal with circumstances.


The meaning of thoughtless is, “Acting or managed without legitimization or worry for the outcomes.” at the end of the day, you act as you have no clue about the thing you are doing and there’s no decision.

Let’s get straight to the point: It is concurring with the self image that you are a defenseless survivor of structures (impacts of the self image) and there’s no other viable option for you except for change ways of behaving. You are picking both the “right” and “wrong” inner self psyche discernment which is concurring with blunder and utilizing mistake to address blunder.


The meaning of ‘defenseless, “Can’t guard oneself or act without assistance,” and it plays out this way:

Help: Carelessness is picking (consenting to) the self image’s assistance as you center around structures rather than content. You’re helpless before inner self circumstances, should pick among them for encounters, and see no chance to get out (powerless).

Safeguard: When you attempt to tackle structure issues inside structure, rather than surrendering them for revision of the brain, the main self image arrangement is assault. Everything assault is intended to guard (secure) the self image’s blunders, i.e., concur with them by going along with them which is projection.

Latent Forceful

Latent forceful considerations and ways of behaving are the inner self’s answer for this careless powerlessness. It is a method for feeling all the more remarkable and in charge of the world.

Most look at battle as a forceful assault. Latent is likewise an assault or a refusal of Affection since it is concurring with inner self circumstances (blunders) and extending those onto another. Since it is so undercover, it is more enthusiastically to perceive until you choose you’ve had enough, uncover it and check it out.

Inner self Wrong Brain:
Plain Assaults (unmitigated and self-evident)

Self image Right Psyche:
Undercover Assaults (hid and stowed away)

Through responsibility (disgrace and shame), we’ve been instructed not to communicate outrage since it’s off-base. Likewise, we have a feeling of dread toward discipline for sins (things we think about off-base). This leads directly to detached contemplations and ways of behaving and instability among those and forcefulness.

Forceful is: “Promptly or liable to assault or defy.”

Latent is: “Tolerating or permitting what others manage without dynamic reaction or obstruction.”