The True History of Edwin Jeans

Its history with the Edwin firm can be tracked all the way to Japan. Producing and buying jeans was not easy to the Japanese people in the early days because America was the sole places to purchase jeans. As World War II had not yet ended the relationship between the two countries was in a state of thin ice. Japan received a lot of poor-quality fabrics and tools, and a lot of Japanese seamstresses were tired.

K.K. Tsunemi who was the creator of the Edwin company, was not going to let the issues get in the way of his success. His love of jeans wouldn’t disappear quickly, and to acquire denim, he was required to bring it into the country. Determined to achieve his goal of being the leading and first manufacturer of jeans made from denim in Japan He threw himself into in acquiring the most fabric was possible. After importing, he would spend all day long cleaning and repairing the fabric to make sure it was large enough to make. This was an operation which was made much more difficult due to the lack of suitable equipment. Tsunemi realized that he could not respond to these scraps of offcuts and other materials of the USA and around about the time some land workers were getting started to grow natural cotton locally in Japan.

In 1951, the first jeans made in Japan were made available in Japan. But they were costly and less durable when compared the American counterparts. With the jeans as a reference, Tsumeni was driven to develop his own premium denim jeans made in the US with more refined the fit, washes, and quality. It was in 1961 that the very first pairs of his Edwin Jeans was created. Utilizing the letters of DENIM (reversing the letter M to create the letter W) He invented the brand name “Edwin’.

In 1963 Edwin created the world’s largest ring spun jeans (16oz) with the famous selvedge in three colors that is still employed in the present. From that point on throughout Edwin denim’s history, high-end craftsmanship, quality, and honesty have been essential to the aesthetic and ethos of the brand. In the following fifty years Edwin has grown to become the world’s most renowned body with the art of making jeans of stretchable denim fabric.

In the 1970s, Edwin was the first company worldwide to come up with the traditional wash, which was created to mimic denim that was worn out from its original, unwashed condition. In the 80’s Edwin invented stone washing which transformed the denim industry. It was also an essential event in the development of manufacturing denim.

Nowadays, Edwin Jeans still follow Tsunemi’s principles and values in the best quality denim, finishing techniques sewing techniques, and fitting patterns. Edwin Jeans is among the most authentic labels for denim worldwide and is renowned for its innovation and craftmanship, making use of exclusive fabrics and manufacturing of hand-washing processes, as well as continuous advancement in the fit and style.

The rise of denim as a trendy fabric, despite its initial use as an extremely durable fabric is due to its huge range and availability. You can wear it for casual wear and formal events due to the wide range of designs, finishes and colors.

Denim is also extremely strong as a fabric , and requires minimal maintenance. It is able to keep the color and shape for a number of years. There are number of jeans brands and they are all well-liked by the public. Certain brands, however, have endured over time, having proven themselves in a challenging business. One of them is Edwin. Edwin brand.