The Ten Commandments: An Interpretation

In the Sermon on the mount the Lord Jesus offers us examples of a way to interpret the 10 commandments in accordance with the kingdom of God that, as He said some place else, is already now amongst us. You can read the ten commandments in the twentieth chapter of Exodus. Here we complex on them.

Anything can go towards the first commandment. We are extremely creative in gambling our own gods through setting up different gods. To supply some examples: your automobile, sex, tablets, tune, your personal stars and idols (or saints, or Hindu gods, etc.) and leaders of any kind (that ultimately come to be forms of ‘führers’ anyway. [Except for a few very humble and very mature examples. God does call on us to recognize those that labor for our souls as if they were personally responsible for us; that they may not do this with groaning]. The bible warns us against the trusting in ‘princes’ however, to warn us not to overdo it).

Any shape of greed (dependancy, philosophy, overenthusiasm approximately any theory) goes towards the second one commandment. The bible calls greed idolatry.

Expletives of many a kind are methods of taking the Name of God in vain. Gosh (God), rattling (G.D.), Jeewish (Jesus) cross in opposition to the 1/3 commandment. If you genuinely need to say something, say ‘shit!’ And even that is against right etiquette. When we use expletives deep down in our hearts we curse the All-Holy One. That is why Job provided up sacrifices for his children, for he changed into afraid that they’d cursed God of their hearts (study: subconscious). Solomon in Ecclesiastes 7.22 says that our hearts very frequently recognize that still we have accursed others. And only already due to that it is an accursement of God, for the second great commandment is equal to the first first rate one. ‘Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself.’ (See Matt.22.34-40). Teach your self therefore to chunk off your tongue and say at most ‘shucks’, ‘chips!’ or ‘thunder (and lightning)!’ My personal father said (and that very seldom) ‘thunder!’

Christians sin spiritually towards the fourth commandment every time they try to do matters by way of their very own strength in preference to through the grace of the Holy Spirit and with the aid of Him which can make stronger us in all things. Salvation leads you into the ‘sabbath’ of works. Christ becomes our regulation while we had been born again. The flesh, antique nature, has no real strength. The antique man, Adam, has been crucified with Christ. Quit quitting!

Children which are disobedient sin against the fifth commandment and fail to honor their dad and mom. We do the identical whenever we are disobedient. The prophet Samuel advised king Saul that disobedience is as the sin of divination and self will is as iniquity and idolatry. We should honor our heavenly Father Secrets and mysteries and our heavenly Mother, the new Jerusalem [see Gal. 4.26](i.E. The Church inclusive of all believers).

Any shape of anger, inflammation, contempt, racism and hatred is a form of killing your fellow man emotionally and goes against the 6th commandment.

Any form of leering at (simply porno in any form or form) a person outside of marriage, is adultery within the heart.

Any form of laziness, slackness, cheating on your tax go back goes towards the eighth commandment (in all matters with out turning into too slavish [cf. The balanced advice of Ecc.7.16,17]).

Any form of slander, false rumors, misrepresentations of any kind, on cause or subconsciously, are a shape of bearing fake witness. Watch out what you consider! There are many ‘winds of doctrine,’ philosophy, empty deceit, pseudotheory, conspiracy theories and what have you ever. They all pass in opposition to the 9th commandment.

Excessive use of the lottery, compulsive gambling, envy or adulating enthusiasm about the luxurious and beauties at the silver display screen and at the boob tube, they are all vices that pass towards the 10th commandment. The Apostle Paul counseled us: ‘Let fornication, any form of uncleanness and greed not even be referred to among you; as it’s far seeming unto saints: and (kinds of)shame(fulness), foolishness and (things that are) off-colour, however alternatively thankfulness.’

I recognise people like strict Baptists will vilify me for this, but the bible isn’t all bad. In truth it says: ‘Nothing is unclean in itself, however to him that thinks it is unclean, to him it’s far unclean (Rom. 14. 14)!’ However, of path sin is sin. God created sex, however now not adultery. He made the vine, but drunkenness and all it reasons is our misuse of what He made. And so it need to be with the whole thing.

I am no longer announcing consequently that ingesting and even things like the lottery are evil in themselves, however if something is simply too effective for you, live faraway from it. The excessive use of the lottery, playing and worse varieties of unfruitful financial buggery show a deep discontent in our society. Where are the antique virtues of thrift and contentness? Where is the power to build something up in a committed way? We have end up like spoiled little brats that want instantaneous satisfaction.