Ten Tips to Better Control Your Blood Sugar

Monitoring your blood glucose levels is important for making sure ensure proper management of your diabetes. Common sense could suggest that in case you do not know what your blood glucose stages are, you’ll discover it impossible to manipulate the ones degrees the use of weight loss plan and workout.

Type 2 diabetics are generally expected to test their blood glucose stages on awaking within the morning and hours after every meal. Most of us who do so use a self-tracking device.


Self-monitoring involves extracting a pin prick bgm cgm of blood the usage of a lancet and then the usage of a disposable check strip inserted into a small glucose meter to measure the glucose stage inside the sample of blood.

The method is accurate and reliable. Yet sixty seven percent of people with kind 2 diabetes and 60 percentage of these with type 1 diabetes fail to screen their glucose tiers appropriately.

A recent pan-European survey requested diabetics why they do not reveal their glucose ranges often. Forgetfulness become cited as a cause through forty percentage, some other 33 percent said they had been tired of trying out, 21 percentage located it to be inconvenient, while sixteen percentage stated they dislike the ache involved. Others referred to a lack of time, a lack of privacy, the price of test-strips, and a sense of embarrassment if they may be no longer at domestic while it is time to do the take a look at.

Continuous glucose tracking

Continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) was delivered in 1999. As it overcomes most of the troubles associated with conventional self-monitoring, it’s miles considered as an improvement.

In GCM a tiny sensor is inserted underneath the pores and skin to check glucose degrees. The sensor can live in location for as much as every week and then it should get replaced.

A radio transmitter sends records from the sensor to a receiver worn by the patient. The receiver looks like an old style pager and is typically worn on a belt.

CGM permits higher tracking of glucose degrees and consequently progressed glucose manage. The system presents actual-time measurements of glucose, with ranges being recorded at ordinary periods of five minutes or less. Users can set alarms to alert them when glucose is just too high or too low. A CGM device comes with software for downloading to a pc for evaluation.

A predominant drawback for CGM is that the gadgets aren’t as correct and reliable as self-monitoring meters. In addition, earlier than use, a CGM wishes to be calibrated with the aid of checking samples of blood with a glucose meter.

CGM is also costly and very few diabetics can have the funds for to apply them.

Flash glucose tracking

In order to enhance accuracy, keep away from the need for calibration and (perhaps) lessen fees, flash glucose monitoring (FGM) is being added by using Abbott, a pharmaceutical organisation. The tool, which is still at the scientific trials level, collects glucose statistics continuously.

Similar to the present day CGM, FGM could be based totally on a glucose sensor worn at the skin for up to 14 days. The sensor may be about the scale of a silver-dollar and about as thick because the width of a finger.

The system will include a touchscreen reader. A user will have to test the reader over the sensor to get a glucose fee in actual-time, a trend line and a graph covering the preceding 8 hours.

The machine could be calibrated at the manufacturing unit, so users will now not have to use a conventional monitor for calibration before the use of the device. FGM has been designed as an improvement over traditional self-monitoring and for overcoming some of the constraints of CGM.

The device will no longer have an alarm for levels which might be too low or too excessive because the consumer ought to bodily scan the reader over the patch as a way to achieve facts on his glucose stage. In doing so the person will be capable of see the tiers so an alarm is not wished.

FGM is expected, provided scientific trials prove first-class, to be in the marketplace in past due 2014. It have to permit patients to test their glucose degrees without the problems associated with traditional self-tracking.

The system may be mainly useful for kids and the aged who may additionally sense the pain of the finger-pricking this is an fundamental part of self-monitoring greater than others. It is also anticipated to be useful for pregnant girls who may additionally have to test ten times an afternoon or extra, and sufferers in hospital.

The non-stop real-time nature of the information and the trends so one can be visible ought to also benefit humans with prediabetes, as they should be able to learn what makes their blood glucose stages rise by way of analyzing the statistics. This must permit them to govern their glucose before they emerge as complete-blown diabetics.

Overall, the non-stop availability of glucose records even though FGM need to make it lots less complicated for all diabetics to optimise the control of their diabetes.