Resin incense through the ages

Incense is as part of human history today as our homes and temples. It is common across cultures and time periods. Fire is the most universal thing. However, fire can also be used to create desired aroma effects.

Although resin incense has been used for thousands of years, the truth of its origins is lost in the mists and antiquity. Although it is possible that resin incense was first used for worship in Babylonian or ancient Sumerian cultures, this is just a theory.

It doesn’t matter who started to use this wonderful, aromatic resin. It has been loved by almost everyone throughout history, including the ancient Chinese, Egyptians and Greeks.

Babylonians used incense to offer prayers to their oracles. It was believed that the smoke served as a means for them to transport their prayers to Gods.

The use of incense spread via trade routes to ancient Greece, and Rome. It is believed that incense was used by ancient Chinese cultures since the Neolithic period.

Resin incense balls have been discovered in the tombs and offices of high-ranking officials of ancient Pharos, which may indicate that it was a valuable commodity in ancient times.

Incense was likely brought to Japan by Korean Buddhist monks in the sixth century. They would use the smoke to purify their bodies and then perfume their armour to infuse it with invincibility.

The fifth dynasty of ancient Egypt, which was approximately forty-five hundred years ago, is the earliest time resin incense was used. This can be proven by dating the discovery and use of some of the oldest incense burners. This type of incense is made by mixing a fuel, such as charcoal, with resin or gum, and then adding aromatic oils to give it an appealing, pleasant smell when burned. There were many materials used to make incense. You could burn almost any material, including bark, fruits and seeds, wood, bark, trees saps, flowers, leaves, roots, stems, roots, or other tree saps. Only a few people knew the exact method of manufacturing a particular type.

Räuchermischung has been made from almost anything that emits a pleasant, if not pungent, scent when it is burned over the centuries. Frankincense and Myrrh are some of the most well-known. Explore what you find and then enjoy. If you are using charcoal as a burning medium, I recommend Japanese charcoal or bamboo made without chemical additives. The fragrance will be purer and more nontoxic. You should only burn your resins in a heat- and flameproof vessel that has sand or other ash at the bottom.

The practice of burning compounds to make aromatic smoke is very old. Incense is used to purify, bless and heal. Enjoy!