Mechanical Chicken Coup Control for Avian Virus

We want to put a Bird Flu Detection gadget on a Robotic Platform to go all over the lines of the Chicken Coups. Then, at that point, recognize those contaminated birds and consume the chickens, which are tainted. On the off chance that this infection adjusts and joins with a human infection or influenza then it very well may be in a real sense relentless. SARS ended up being a significant awful arrangement for the movement and the travel industry and general financial aspects of those nations with cases. The CDC just as Health and Disease Prevention Departments of numerous unfamiliar legislatures have communicated the worry that a scourge is conceivable. The Avian Flu can taint people now, we are concerned that it may consolidate with and structure another illness. We watched autonomous delivery robot the spread of AIDS flee from us and adjust itself into extra strands and keep on spreading. Infections, Pathogens, Diseases, Pox and Flues can develop a lot quicker than we are use to in the creature species we so cautiously study.

The World Health Organization is exceptionally stressed over this and the out going Health and Human Services Secretary, Mr. Tommy Thompson, talked about it as of late. So we realize we want to watch the approaching food items coming into this nation and secure our own bird populaces here. Because of the mind boggling anteroom of Tyson Foods we perhaps astonished to learn of an underlying concealment if indeed the infection begins to contaminate our food supplies. Tyson Foods battles for retribution for it’s business sectors and it utilizes a huge number of individuals. We likewise should not fail to remember the episode in New Castle, PA.

To forestall this, I propose a Robotic Chicken Coup Bio-Sensor Robot. The robot will be on tracks and watch the chicken upsets. A transitory bird could taint a Chicken Farm in the Carolinas en route to sun in Florida for the Winter, subsequently acquainting the contamination with our food supply. In this way on the grounds that no infection exists today among the chickens in the homestead doesn’t mean all chickens are protected tomorrow. There additionally as of now exists the danger of human damage on our food supply from International Terrorism.

Mechanical Sentinels would watch the chicken upsets around evening time going all over the isles with sensors and RFID Readers. Every Coup would have RFID Tags on the entryways, so it would record the readings during it’s movements all over the lines. Recording temperatures for most extreme development and proficiency and to distinguish avian influenza.