How to Use the Instagram Stories and

Private Messages Features

You can follow people in Instagram and see their stories from their profile. Instagram stories appear in the bar at the top of your feed. Tap on the user’s profile photo and you’ll be directed to the person’s story. You can comment on the stories of other users or swipe to go to another user’s story. However, you can’t like or comment publicly on a story if you follow someone in Instagram Direct. This feature is only available to people you follow.

It’s a photo and video sharing app

Once thought of primarily as a photo and video sharing app, Instagram has gone from being a simple tool to a more multimedia platform, including shopping and entertainment. Head of Instagram Adam Mosseri says the company will test new video upgrades in the near future, including the ability to see videos from pages you may not be following. Users will also be able to choose topics they want to see more. It’s unclear when this will happen, but it’s certainly exciting news.

Over the next few months, Instagram plans to test new features and experiment with recommendations. This new feature lets users choose which accounts they follow and which ones they don’t. This means that users can browse for new content on topics they’re interested in, and will not be bombarded by a plethora of unrelated posts. The social networking platform will also introduce shopping and entertainment features, as well as improve messaging.

It has a direct messaging system

If you want to send private messages to people on Instagram, you can use the Instagram Messenger feature. To send private messages, first, sign into Instagram. Click the Messenger icon near the user’s profile photo. You’ll be taken to your inbox. From here, you can reply, like, and post comments. You can also delete messages from within the messages themselves. To send private messages, you need to be a follower of the person you’re messaging.

In addition to text messages, Instagram also offers direct messaging for its users. Through this feature, you can privately share photos with friends and family without the need to share them publicly. Since Instagram has more than 150 million users, it is possible that you’ll want to hide your work-related images. Direct helps you achieve this goal by creating private media exchanges. You can also hide photos that have sensitive content such as pictures of your children.

It allows users to comment on each other’s posts

One of the best features of Instagram is the ability for users to comment on each other’s posts. In order to do this, you must first follow the person’s profile on the social network. After following the user, simply tap on their profile and comment on their posts. However, you can also find them by searching for their usernames. You can also follow more than one person at the same time, but you must be friends with all of them in order to comment on their posts.

The ‘Pin’ feature enables users to pin their own comments on the other person’s posts. While deleting multiple comments at once is not ideal, it is helpful in situations where people have left negative comments. Additionally, pinned comments fit into the anti-bullying efforts of Instagram. Regardless of the reason, this can be a powerful marketing tool. If you have the best comment, you can pin it at the top and let other people do the work for you.

It allows users to report offensive content

The Cyber Hate Assistant allows users to report content they find offensive on Instagram. This can include comments that are offensive, harassing, or in violation of Instagram community policies. Simply swipe left on any comment and choose the appropriate option. You can also report posts that sell illegal goods. However, the current reporting pathway is not always successful. Users must be able to specify the offense and the specific content to get it removed.

The new feature has generated backlash from users who say it censors the content creators post without their knowledge. Besides limiting their reach, the feature adds an unnecessary layer of censorship. Instagram users have voiced their displeasure at this new feature. Others complained that the algorithm fails to identify offensive images. Users complained that nonhumanoid alien illustrations, animal posts, and landscapes were all flagged as offensive.