How to choose rural solar street lights?

With the acceleration of new urban development, and the rapid development of road energy-saving transformation, the demand for solar street lamps in rural road energy-saving transformations has gradually increased. With the support of government policies, rural solar stream lighting has become an important trend in rural road lighting. So how do rural solar street lights choose? The following century Sunshine Lighting Xiaobian will introduce you.

The rural solar street lamp is mainly composed of LED street lamps, light bars, solar photovoltaic boards, controllers and lithium batteries. 1, the pole: the lamp pole mainly role the street base and solar bracket, generally a cone. The height of rural street lamps is generally between 4 to 7 meters, and the material of the light pole determines the life of the light pole. Commonly used light bars include hot galvanized rods and galvanized rods, the cost of galvanizing poles is relatively low, but it is easy to rust; hot galvanized rods can generally use 20 years without rust. Commonly used lamps have a thickness of 2.5mm, 2.75mm, 3mm, and more. 2, LED street lamp: At present, the new rural construction is commonly used with 20W / 30W / 40W / 50W and so on power, the larger the power, the better the brightness. From a cost perspective, the 30W solar street lights of the rural road can basically meet the needs of the recent life. The parts of the street lamp quality core are the LED light source. The prices of various light sources are from several mils to several yuan, pay attention to quality customers should choose Good light source.

3, solar photovoltaic plates: commonly used single crystal silicon photovoltaic plates and polysilicon photovoltaic plates. Single crystal silicon solar panel photoelectric conversion effect is high, long service life, but the production process and cost compared to polysilicon solar panels are high.

4, solar controller: Applicable to PV Carport Solar Mounting Systems, it is fully called solar charge and discharge controller, coordinates the work of solar panels, batteries, and street lamps, and is a very important component in photovoltaic systems. Efficient and safe operation of the entire solar photovoltaic system. The low-end solar street lamp on the market is not a controller, and the power of the controller is integrated into the LED street lamp, so some cost can be saved.

5, lithium battery: lithium battery compared to lead-acid batteries used in previous years, the lithium battery has a small size, high energy density, long supply and discharge, and convenient installation. The commonly used lithium battery in the market has several specifications such as 3.2V / 12V / 24V. The cost of high lithium battery is also high, and the engineering commonly used is a 12V voltage system. How to choose the rural solar street lights will be shared here, it should be noted that in the installation of rural solar street lamps, standardization management should be strengthened, and the rural solar street lamp should be strengthened. Excellent application is widely used.