Finding a Korean Translation Company

When you are looking to hire a professional Korean translation service, there are several things to consider. The first thing is the language of your document. While English and Korean have different meanings in each language, both languages require precise translation. Using a Korean translation service is a great way to make your document as precise as possible. You can find many translation services in Korea, from Gengo to JR Language, and even Stepes and Transperfect.


If you’re interested in learning more about how Gengo can help you with your business, you can check out its website and its FAQs. The company has a variety of support levels to help you with a range of different needs. While the Standard Level is perfect for everyday content, it doesn’t compromise on accuracy, meaning, or tone. A native speaker handles this translation, and it is available at a very low price. The Pro Level, on the other hand, guarantees accuracy and speed.

Most business content is handled by a highly experienced professional translator.

The biggest Korean translation company is Gengo. It is popular with large clients and offers highly technical translation platforms. Depending on the company, you might need a different level of quality. Alta, another company that offers services for Korean transcription, also uses internally developed tools for translating documents. This is great if you don’t want to convert your files, but it also might mean that you’ll lose the meaning of certain Korean terms.

JR Language

If you’re in need of a Korean translation, you’ve come to the right place. JR Language

Translation is a global translation service provider with experienced, highly skilled Korean native speakers and advanced level translators. Although these services are generally less accurate and faster, they do not guarantee delivery on time. Standard rates are cheaper, but the quality of translations is often less than stellar. Because of this, JR Language recommends that you use their services only when you really need the work to be done quickly.

Another Korean translation company is Tomedes. This company has been in business for more than a decade and caters to both large and small businesses. Its quality work is praised by both clients and customers. This company is well-established and works with hundreds of Korean specialists. Its standard rates are low, and the turnaround time is generally quick, but it’s possible to pay more for a higher quality service.


If you need a Korean translation for your business, you can get it from Stepes. Stepes offers a variety of services for a range of industries. Its expertise lies in technical translation and localization, serving the automotive, oil & gas, semiconductor, software, and other industries. We have a regular list of documents we translate. You can trust our services – you won’t be disappointed!

Software developers need a high level of technical documentation for their products. This documentation may come in a variety of formats, including standalone PDF documents, online help, tooltips, and videos. Software translation requires a high degree of care, as it requires localized software screenshots to ensure accuracy. With years of experience in translating software and other technical documents, Stepes has the expertise to meet these demands.


The headquarters of TransPerfect are located in New York. With more than 4,000 employees in 56 cities around the world, they are able to serve a global clientele. They offer a wide range of language services, from regular translations to website localization, dubbing scripts, and resume translations. They also employ a high proportion of native speakers. However, the lack of certified linguists in the company’s staff negatively affects the quality of their work.

Despite its large staff, TransPerfect’s translation quality is mediocre. The company sets excessively high prices and doesn’t deliver high-quality translations. The price range is very high, which makes it difficult to determine if it’s worth the cost. Additionally, there’s no guarantee of quality, so consumers should not put their faith in the company without a sample. However, it’s still worth a try if you need your Korean translations quickly.

LA Translation

If you are looking for professional Korean translation services, LA Translation and Interpretation is the company for you. With offices in New York City and Seoul, the company is made up of highly-qualified interpreters. LA Translation and Interpretation offers services for a variety of industries. The company’s staff is experienced and includes a certified court interpreter. If you are looking for a professional translator who can provide the best translation service for your Korean-English document, you can’t go wrong with LA Translation and Interpretation.

The first thing you need to know about this company is their qualifications. They employ native English-speaking translators and have advanced education in Korean. You must remember that the Korean language is different from English and contains many Chinese characters. It is easy to make mistakes while translating, especially when dealing with such a complex language. Because of this, the U.S.-Korea FTA agreement was not approved by the National Assembly in part due to translation errors.


When you need a professional korea translation agency, Pangeanic is the perfect place to turn. This company offers translation services into more than 50 languages, including Korean, and their translators are highly qualified. They use modern computer-assisted translation tools to produce accurate translations. Each translator has years of experience translating from and into Korean, and they specialize in different fields. If you need your documents translated quickly, Pangeanic will deliver.

You can use a number of free tools to help with your Korean translation project, but these are limited to free use. You can also use Google Translate to find a professional Korean translator. It is important to understand that the right translations depend on your level and the subject

matter. For example, if you need a business document translated into Korean, you may want to choose a Korean translator who knows Hangul. Moreover, if you want your documents to be more accurate, you may use a translator who is an expert in Korean language.