Contract Research Organizations

The advent of new technology and science has led to the emergence of new industries and services that further add the development; Contract Research Organization being one of them. Also, known as Clinical Research Organization or CRO, it provides excellent support to pharmaceutical, academic, medical instruments, government and biotechnology industries, giving their efforts and endeavors a new dimension.

Contract Research Organization or Pharmacovigilance training  Clinical Research Organization help and assist the client at every stage.CRO’s offer multitude of services that include development of better and advanced products, formulation and manufacturing; undertaking clinical trials, providing for clinical laboratory services to process trial samples, data management and ensuring that mandatory legal and FDA regulations are adhered to. Right from the research to the marketing of the drug, at every stage CRO’s assist the pharmaceutical companies.

Taking into consideration the complexity of the Research and Development, in the late nineties, the companies began outsourcing these activities to Contract Research Organizations. Outsourcing not only reduces the need for large staff required to conduct tedious R&D, but also is cost-effective and profitable. The revenue saved can be employed into other avenues. The CRO’s take care of the legal matters, so the pharmaceutical companies do not have to keep themselves updated about rules and regulations.

Clinical trials are an important and integral part as far as the pharmaceutical firms are concerned. The efficient and apt handling of the same is required. The complexity of clinical trials, increase in clinical data, need for diverse patient populations and other issues, resulted in outsourcing the same to Contract Research Organizations. Clinical Trial Monitoring includes monitoring data collection, checking case report forms, regulatory compliance and other segments of clinical research.

Product development services that include Product Development Consulting and Product Development Solutions are also offered by CRO’s, that cover an extensive range of medicines like Oral, Nasal Topical & Transdermal and so on. The clients are assisted and helped through the entire development process. The aim is directed towards timely, cost-effective mechanism combined with high quality product and minimum risks.

Quality is always given top priority and quality assurance standards set by the Contract Research Organizations are high and in sync with global mandates. Quality auditors comprising legal experts, licensed physicians and other knowledgeable staff ensure that issues if any are corrected and preventive measures are applied. The detailed audit and study reports enables the client to train staff if they are lacking in any aspect or improvements in current processes are inculcated, thereby resulting in better and error free procedures.

Other services include Clinical Project Management, Clinical Supply Management, Safety & Pharmacovigilance, Feasibility Studies, Clinical Trial Patient Recruitment, Clinical Biostatistics, Pharmacokinetic & Pharmacodynami, Medical Device Development and Analytical Services.

In a nutshell, consistent quality, commitment and continuous innovation have resulted in success and growth of Contract Research Organization industries. Currently,1,100 companies, in the near future, with increase in the target market, need for better medicines and products and expansion of pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries, this industry is expected to grow even further.