Allow For More Effective Advertising Campaigns Using Customizable Parking Permits

Many people, along with neighborhood community agencies, advocates of mass transit and elected officers are getting ready to lobby for residential parking lets in that would allow residents to park on the smaller streets in many Brooklyn neighborhoods.

The NYC DOT has stated “No”…

DOT Commissioner Iris Weinshall is quickly leaving her role, however whilst in electricity she has vetoed attempts at issuing residential parking allows. Part of her reasoning is that she believes that those parking permits could prevent traffic from driving to those neighborhoods as they’ll be not able to discover parking.

…However many professionals disagree

According to Erik Feder, The Parking Expert, “I had been deeply involved in all aspects of NYC parking for many years now and have also lately researched Boston, as we can be including this metropolis to our internet site quickly. From my findings, I see no purpose why a machine much like the only carried out in Boston would not paintings in Brooklyn. In Boston, pick out streets have signs that say ‘Residential allow parking most effective’ at the same time as still others have this equal law however additionally add a provision for ‘2 hour vacationer parking’ during specific times of day and days of the week”.

The actual motive that the NYC Government is against this

There is one issue no longer being cited how to get handicap tag very regularly that could be a simple reason why the NYC Government is against the idea of residential lets in in Brooklyn: money. NYC earns nicely over $500 million yearly SOLELY from parking price ticket revenue. The greater parking problems they resolve, the much less cash they make. Just observe the troubles concerning parking price ticket quotas which have arise over the years. Mayor Bloomberg himself indicated that even though there weren’t quotas per say, there were “performance requirements” (a rose via another name), because the City had to get the cash from somewhere to fund protection, improvements, and many others.

NYC makes too much money from parking tickets to ever address parking troubles in an efficient way.

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Erik Feder is The Parking Expert and author of “The Feder Guide to Where to Park Your Car in Manhattan (and Where Not to Park It!) paperback book series.

His new internet site features a one of a type parking search engine that allows motorists to look for felony street parking and parking garages by way of go-avenue, time of day and date.