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This question would have led Jesus to give the parable of the good Samaritan. Connections like this. This man was an expert in the Mosaic Law. He was a Levite, and maybe a priest and a Pharisee. He did not like Jesus’ words to the 72 disciples that their names were “written in heaven” (Luke 10:20). Jesus continued to praise his disciples for their faith. Wise men and scholars do not know (10:21), and kings and prophets want to see and hear what they see and hear (10:24). The lawyer stood up and asked a question.  Learn more about luke 10 18 20 meaning

Peace will be established wherever your spirit of peace goes, and if it has not yet been established, you will know it by the spirit that will return to you. The thought of health is sent to every home or abode of the body, and thus the message of the Spirit is spoken: “The kingdom of God is at hand.” Examine all the apparent materiality (dust off the city.) Then your feelings will return to the real words you sent them with, and you will realize that there are demons (opposites) in your body among them. December 3, 1922: Luke 10: 1-11
What is the main idea of ​​this lesson? The central idea of ​​this lesson is to bring the outer realms of consciousness into spiritual harmony.

What is the reference in the first verse to the words, “Now to these things”? In the previous chapter we were told that Jesus had sent out twelve; this work represents the discipline of the twelve spiritual natures on which all human nature is based.

What are the seventy sent? The Seventy represents the seven senses: feeling, feeling, smell, seeing, hearing, intuition, and thinking. The figure identifies the many combinations in which these forces act.

What is the harvest and who are the workers? Harvest is the fruit of the soul’s long experience; workers are the forces of the soul trained in service.

Why are there not enough staff? There are few workers, because few people suffer from life stress and strain. They want the fruit to ripen, but they are not ready to work.

What does it mean to be sent like a sheep among wolves, without a purse and boots? This means that the general attitude must be free from resistance and selfishness. We should not be ambitious in achieving temporary ownership of the mind, body, or activities. What does the greeting say, “Peace in this house”? The task of the Spirit is to restore peace and harmony in the conflicting spirits and elements of mind and body. That is why we must always send thoughts of peace.

Explain, “If there is a son of peace, then your peace will be with him.” If the consciousness of peace is in one of the centers of the body, the word to enter is found and peace is fully established there.

Who are the sick who are called to heal us and say, “The kingdom of God is near to you”? The sick are the spirits of the sick to whom the centers of the body are exposed. We must prove the divine protection of the mind and body.

If the center is so full of emotion and materiality that it cannot accept spiritual consciousness, then what should we do? We must reject materialistic thinking and affirm the presence of all in the kingdom of God in health, harmony, and eternal life.

Luke 10: 1-11
What is the metaphysical significance of the Lord, who names the seventy and sends them in pairs to different cities and places? In individual consciousness, the Lord represents the spiritual I BEN because He sends disciplined forces of thought to the outer realms of the soul. The number seven means the completion of the natural level of consciousness; the added digit represents infinite capacity.

what are the feelings Usually we count only five senses: to feel, to hear, to see, taste and smell. But there are seven feelings in everything. The two pluses are thinking and intuitive perspective. The brain is the organ of thought and the solar plexus the organ of perception.

Explain how one should improve the ability to use these two other senses. The ability to send and receive ideas, such as sending and receiving telegraph messages, is an undeveloped human force. Through the solar plexus, one intuitively feels all one’s contacts. This intuitive feeling is the perception of the soul or intuition; in the unregenerate it acts as an instinct on the physical level. These two forces must be disciplined and created to work through the Spirit of Christ. Those who try to develop it without a certain supersensory will achieve mixed results and will be kept in the dark.

Explain the double effect of food and drink as feelings. The eye and the ear, in fact all the senses, have an inner as well as an outer field of movement, but few feelings have awakened spiritual feelings. To most people, the world of wonders seems to be the only place to move. The brain and solar plexus interact with powerful mental forces, but few have discovered this. Much of the thoughts and feelings that metaphysicians consider spiritual come from the vibrations of the brain and the emotions of the sensory soul. Only when the head and heart are moved by the Spirit can we say that their actions are spiritual.

How can a person determine whether or not peace and health is established in his consciousness? Peace and health are established wherever human thoughts of peace and health emerge; but if they are not solid, one recognizes it by the thoughts that come back to him.

What do the seventy disciples Jesus sent besides the twelve? They represent the senses after they have become spiritual and their power has grown a lot. This progress is due to the awareness of Christ.

As a rule, only five emotions are identified. Why is sand meant in this lesson? The other two senses involved in the implication of the text are telepathy and intuition.

What is the abundant harvest of the senses? The human body must be healed, mentally and renewed until it becomes an expression of a longer human life. This work must have been done a long time ago. “Har