5 raisons pour lesquelles les aliments biologiques sont un choix plus sain pour votre famille

With the boosting recognition of environmental protection as well as the rise of environment-friendly usage, Visitor Posting consumers of eco-friendly food is becoming increasingly more prominent. Following this fad, “green agriculture” in various parts of the fast growth. The writer thinks, ought to remove the three misunderstandings in the development of eco-friendly agriculture.

One is that green farming is no chemical plant foods, no chemical splashing farming. Eco-friendly farming, refers to the farming production as well as operation approaches in the production, processing, sales of green food as the core. It is the nations in the world to execute the target of agricultural lasting development is extensively accepted designs. Eco-friendly farming in order to “green”, “green modern technology”, “green products” as the text, is not

Use of chemical fertilizers and chemicals, not thoughtlessly reject conventional farming design, but the scientific use of chemical fertilizers and chemicals, by the past rely primarily on chemical fertilizers as well as pesticides right into a generally count on the intrinsic device of organic to achieve agricultural performance.

The two fertilizer is that the growth of green agriculture of high investment, reduced earnings. Eco-friendly farming in China mostly via the fine selection breeding and dirt Smile Farm Royal improvement, to seek development by utilizing ecological mechanism, the financial, social as well as eco-friendly advantages of unity, greatly decrease the dependence on chemicals and also plant foods, is a low input farming production setting. “Eco-friendly usage” in the ascendant, the most urgent needs for durable goods is the “pollution-free”. Who can make a large fuss in the “eco-friendly” word, that can confiscate more customers get a greater market share, acquire more economic advantage. The growth of eco-friendly agriculture as long as their marks, will catch chances.