I doubt, because I think that the future will know better.

I won't forgive her.

Regardless what you may do, the outcome will still be the same.

The checks are paper.

Sandy wanted to go home early.

Surely we can get in touch with Kit.

No one man could do it.

Samuel pressed the rewind button on the VCR.

Her sudden departure surprised us all.

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I didn't know Dorian very well.


The designs are very symmetrical.

Sergiu often downloads movies.

I see no reason.


After school, I go to an English school to practice English conversation.

I don't have the patience for this.

This is the spot.

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I used to do fishing.

Love is simply a temporary hormonal imbalance.

It looks like Jeffery got what he wanted.

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Is she so stupid that she believes such a thing?

You did exactly what Pierette wanted you to do.

I'm not sure if it's a boy or a girl.

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We've made plenty of money doing this.

The ancient Greeks believed that the Sun rode across the sky in a chariot drawn by four white horses driven by the god Heleius.

How did you get my number?

Whatever happened to acid rain? You don't hear about it in the news anymore.

Kill two birds with one stone.


We're serious.

You like cats, don't you?

He is celebrated for his bravery.


We all want you to be happy.

The bleeding has stopped.

Don't release that dog.

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This dog is taught to bark at strangers.

I suggest that we could do that.

Want to come to the book sale with me?


When will breakfast be ready?

Fever is one of the body's defence mechanisms.

I need to unlock this door.

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The thermometer stood at three degrees below zero this morning.

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What can we possibly give Horst?

They are not little children.

I'd better solve this problem quickly.

She was visibly afraid to be here.

You've got 24 hours.

I think I'd like to be alone right now.

Marlena's wife was notably absent from his birthday party, so it seems rumors of their estrangement are likely true.

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Why do we have to take it away?

The only time you talk to me is when you need some money.

I studied Chinese in Beijing.

I thought you two knew each other.

I don't need to run any tests.

Ragnar has had a busy month.

The party came to an end at midnight.

They're able to sing.

The report is not encouraging sales wise.


Will didn't invite Torsten to his wedding.

She knew that if she started to cry her mascara would run.

I'll get there somehow.

Deceive me once, and I will forgive you; deceive me twice, and you're a double-crosser.

Could I have these clothes ironed?

She always studies listening to music.

Do you think it looks good on me?

Dan ended up in jail.

I already told you not to smoke in your room.

Give it to me, please.

Hurry up, and you can catch the train.

It's not like the movies.

Between you and me, what is your opinion of her?

Did you intend to kill her?

The bear is eating an apple.

How do you get downtown from here?

I gave it my best.

I need more time.

I had a fantastic time with your children.


Lori definitely should have gotten the death sentence.

Please stand aside.

Rahul suggested to Lou that she apologize to John.

This is to confirm the appointment we made to meet at your office at 10:00 am on Monday, February 27th.

Ragnar was too shaken to speak.

Barbra's often been on the receiving end of his mother-in-law's sharp tongue.

You're very kind to me.

Would you like to try?

That man is a wet blanket.

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This can be fixed.

I wasn't cooking anything.

He always listens to serious music.

I understand him to be satisfied.

There's no logical reason for this.

Vistlik said that he liked skiing.

Were I rich, I would help the poor.

As a tadpole grows, the tail disappears and legs begin to form.

Eighteen minutes later, the battle was over.

They want to hurt me.

There are statues in the park.

I should be able to hold out for hours.

I owe Dimetry so much.

He will leave here for good.

I don't think that's possible.

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I want to learn to swim.

Ping was too afraid to do anything.

Mott managed to put out the fire.

They have their annual conference in May.

Sorry for bad-mouthing you the other time.

Please buy it from that official.

Teruyuki has no idea what's going on.

We don't want her to get hurt.

That should buy us some time.

There must be someone else living on the island.

Yesterday a truck hit this wall.

Ammonia is a colorless liquid or gas with a very strong smell.

His speech contained many fine phrases.

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You'll have to come with us.

Whose idea was it to fire him?

An ostrich can not fly any more than a kangaroo can.

This noise should be put up with.

We made a deal.

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Many citizens joined the army.


It is time you left off your childish ways.


I want to get a haircut before I go on the trip.

How are we going to get back to Boston?

'Tammi' with two m's. So that's T-A-M-M-I.

You're losing perspective.

I'll save them.

Many conservationists fear the continuing slaughter of whales is pushing these animals towards extinction.

That's what Shawn would say.

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He lived in France for some time, then went to Italy.

The rich merchant felt the hour of his death approaching.

There's the chance to get a huge income in this business, a million yen a month is possible!

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How long have you had that rash?

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Danny's father was my French teacher.


I wouldn't ever really do that where I live.

Your friends are in there.

I'm glad you two are getting along.

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The rumor may or may not be true.


Cookie needs a walk.

I can't drive.

I nearly fainted when I heard the story.

Ariel is unafraid.

I'll fix you up for the night.

Rodent couldn't do anything about the danger.

I need to swim.

Rome was founded by Romulus and Remus.

Moe seems to have forgotten my name.


That book is worth reading.

Illusion is the first of all pleasures.

This skirt is long.

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This water contains a little alcohol.

I don't want Philip to lose his job.

Because it started to rain, I couldn't use my camera.

How many wives have you had?

I only took a bite of bread.


Who's your favorite politician?

"Duke Onkled, it's tax season! You are under a ton of taxes!" "Don't hurt me, taxes! Please! I'll pay you this key!" "Acceptable enough. Now go away!"

How much money do you want?

Whose idea was it to fire me?

My name's Cyril. Nice to meet you.


I'm not invited to parties.

Nick complained to me about the high prices in Tokyo.

I'm afraid the job I've got for you won't be easy.

I'd like to see Alison first.

There's going to be a tsunami!


I received his personal visit yesterday.

I told you I didn't want any of this.

We'll try not to get in your way.


I met her on my way to school.