Artificial Algae Algorithm

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A novel bio-inspired metaheuristic optimization algorithm called artificial algae algorithm (AAA).

The algorithm is based on evolutionary process, adaptation process and the movement of microalgae.

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About AAA

Artificial Algae Algorithm

Artificial algae correspond to each solution in the problem space by idealizing the characteristics of algae. Similar to the real algae, artificial algae can move toward the source of light to photosynthesize with helical swimming, and they can adapt to the environment, are able to change the dominant species and can reproduce by mitotic division. Thus, the algorithm was composed of 3 basic parts called “Evolutionary Process”, “Adaptation” and “Helical Movement”.

Evolutionary Process : Under sufficient nutrient conditions, if the algal colony receives enough light, it grows and reproduces itself to generate two new algal cells in time t, similar to the real mitotic division. On the contrary, the algal colony not receiving enough light survives for a while but eventually dies.

Adaptation : Algal colony, which cannot grow sufficiently in an environment, try to adapt itself to the environment and as a result the dominant species change. Adaptation is the process in which an insufficiently grown algal colony tries to resemble itself to the biggest algal colony in the environment.

Helical Movement : Algal cells and colonies generally swim and try to stay close to the water surface because of adequate light for survival is available there. They swim helically in the liquid with their flagella which provide forward movement that is restricted by gravity and the viscous drag.


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MATLAB code v1 of Artificial Algae Algorithm is released (05.04.2016). Please click for downloading.