Are you a polyglot?

I'm going abroad next summer.

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Did you find anything interesting?

Takeuchi kept eating.

Knapper had plenty of chances.


The chairman suggested that we should discuss the problem.

Too much liberty spoils all.

I washed one.

I had a great time in Boston.

I had to get out of Boston.

I would like another beer.

Hurry up! The food will get cold.

That is a dog.

I want to do this at home.


That man was a wretch.

Dan was on a leave of absence.

Hold it, Mohammad.

I know you probably don't want to hear this.

Pontus would be happy to help you, I'm sure.

We just wanted you to know.

You've got another MILF? What happened to the last one?


She had not been employed two months when her ability was recognized.

It is not mine to foretell the future.

Adams was an intelligent man.


He fills the bill.

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This is how our relationship started.

Santa restrained himself from hitting Emil.

Maybe your name really is Boyce.

He only who has lived with the beautiful can die beautifully.

The telephone operator asked the caller to hold on until a connection was made.


Others prefer to watch sports events than to watch my favourite sci-fi shows.

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You get a discount if you buy two pairs of brand name shoes.

Norm went to the lake.

Civil wars are occurring in many countries.

Can we do this?

Give me time to think over it.

I also recommend to visit at least one city which is usually not visited by tourists.

Let me help you clear the table.


Don't interrupt me when I'm talking.

She's just trying to manipulate you.

They'll get it figured out.


I really want to impress her.

He hates air travel.

Get the thief!


Who brought you here?


I sent you a letter.

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He stood behind his mother.

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Dominic asked me if I liked chocolate.

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We still have some time left.

Aaron claims to be an archaeologist.

He is a good speaker of English.

The local boys got into a fight with a rival group from a neighboring town.

The cistern is empty.

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She's very handy with a saw.

I'm just not sure what to do.

I should've told them no.

How am I supposed to know what to do?

Sadness lengthens life; happiness shortens it.

Due to one of the member's professional contrainsts, the meeting had to be postponed.

You must talk to them.


The rash never came back.


It was a cat starved to skin and bones.


You've got to respect them.


I can't lie to him again.

I know none of them.

I'll never listen to him again.


Oh you poor thing! I'll get you a blanket.

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Teruyuki came in first in the competition.

No one can help me.

Ranjit suggested to Bea that she offer John a cup of coffee.


Sundaresan dreamed of her often.

The car came to an abrupt stop.

He got lost in the park.

Ima and Srinivasan were besties in primary school and started dating in high school.

There were two famous artists at the hotel.

I asked them to come.

Vickie and Calvin were clearly in love.

Sjaak just stood there with his eyes closed.

Guard duty is boring.

To a willing person, injury is not done.

Everything's all right now.

The novel I'm writing next is set in a love hotel so I wanted to see what one actually looks like.

Her hair feels like silk.

People live only about 70 years.

What time?


I'll try to get a hold of him.

After he was drunk in the beef barbecue restaurant, he had vomited around over.

Sandra uncorked the bottle with his teeth.

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I don't know why Sharan did what he did.

The water pipes froze and then burst.

Some students neglect their studies in favor of sports.


Attend to your business.

This is my pencil.

I sometimes have a hard time choosing whether I should listen to reason or my feelings.

This is a test sentence.

In the past the world was thought to be flat.

We expect him to come back soon.

The bread is cutting badly because it's very soft.

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Why would Cindie be offended?


I want to fight.

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You should call her right now.

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Let's play cards instead.

My mother is not at home.

That's what I was told.

Derek doesn't have a boyfriend.

Straka helped Murthy with her science project.


He looks like a good boy.


You must have made quite an impression on him.


We must finish everything before Tuesday morning.


The factory produced ten finished articles an hour.


I believe that you have a key role to play here.

I have to go see her.

We appreciate the support.


The sun and the moon cause tides.

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That boat was full of refugees from Cuba.

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There's a park near my house.


You're a lot smarter than you think.

Now shut up.

We heard it.

Vinod will be down in a minute.

Are you saying I was wrong?

Roman's daughter drew him a picture.

I think Juri really deserves it.


Her mum doesn't make delicious cakes.

He satisfied his thirst with a large glass of beer.

You can't accuse him of stealing unless you have proof.


Let me know your exam results.

Check out this video on YouTube.

Hunter's mother forced him to go outside even though he didn't want to.


Pravin raised his children in Boston.

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Why don't you come on down?

The Rhineland was made a demilitarised zone by the Treaty of Versailles.

My father seldom smokes.


Somewhere in this world, there must be an apple that needs me.

Have you ever taken a vacation?

You're frustrated about your job.

Am I making you nervous?

They had a spat yesterday.

This is funny.

Andries has varicose veins.

Man is a creature of circumstances.

I am come to offer what service may be in my power.

I'm not Kylo. I'm John.

At what time do you eat supper?


Our project fell into the water.


I will be back in two week's time.

I am at the bank.

I don't like this place.

She can't be ill.

Old friends got in touch with me.

Lana started working.

He has been playing chess since he was in high school.

Spike knew them.

I actually really like it.