I told you we'd make a good team.

I'm looking for a man who is supposed to live here.

I tend to agree.

The goldfish is alive.

Who will take care of your cat then?


We can haggle over price later.


He is foolish to meet her again.

The left hand should not know what the right hand is doing.

Breast self-examinations are no longer recommended by doctors.

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She reached out for his hat.

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I think it was useful.


Do not delete this example sentence.

Enjoy the show.

I've just had new tires put on my car.

He succeeded to his father's business.

Japanese is my mother tongue.

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They both want the same thing.


The tree was clearly defined against the sky.


I don't understand British humour.

I came for Dean.

The reasons are understandable.

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Long time no see.

What you say does not make any sense to me.

There is much that we can learn from the Japanese.


I was walking around the school.


Do you have change for this bill?

Airplanes land at airports.

Gale says Gregor was there that night.


Will you dance with me?

That story cannot possibly be true.

I'll buy that old clock no matter how expensive it is.

Maybe we should've peeled the apples before we ate them.

They took an airplane from Berlin to Istanbul.

I walked along the main street.

Who do you think did this?

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Nature is cruel.


How long are we going to be stuck here?

Gilles hates us.

Fritz went to the hospital yesterday.

I think Jef is careful.

You wanna help me lift this up?


The news caused a huge stir.

You said to me that you drink almost nothing.

Collin has already achieved a lot.


The child cried herself to sleep.

People were shocked when the Serbs shot down an American F-117 in 1999. Indeed, all American military aircrafts are vulnerable including stealth aircrafts like the F-117.

The drink is on me.


You are better than me.


I had never been kissed like that.

No one dared to approach Scot, as he had a knife in his hand.

My hands are full right now.

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Do you believe in the existence of God?


Maarten told Amy he didn't like her scarf, so she got rid of it.


Freedom is very, very important.


I spent a week in Florence last year. I'm sure you'll like it.


Mariou didn't fall down.

My sister will get married early next year.

I spent the whole day in the park.


Let's eat lunch outside.

I have to take off.

Please make a milkshake for me.

Hey, now we're talking.

I didn't come here for a drink.

It'll take at least an hour to get there.

I love my phone.

Let's go and surprise her.

Don't try to duck out early. Where's your sense of responsibility?

And now the moment you've all been waiting for.

She's very ill and has been in bed for a week.

Don't bother to deny it.

Guillermo is a retired registered nurse.

I think Izchak is tidy.

Just a moment, I will come right away.

Raman took Leon to an Italian restaurant.

Your sister's as beautiful as ever.

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I cannot lick my fingers. I'm not a cat.


My team has never advanced beyond the quarter-finals.

He carried off the first prize at the chess tournament.

I didn't think you were so old.

I couple this song with his name.

It's a golden retriever.


Cannibal Corpse is an American death metal band.

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That dress looks good on you.

Steven and Charley used to be inseparable.

She keeps complaining that she has no time.


Sometimes it's not so simple.

So you are back again.

I can't make head nor tail of it.

I always suspected that Po was a little paranoid.

Jarl suggested the idea to Jenine.

He suggested setting off immediately.

I hate myself and I want to die.

This box is green on the outside and red on the inside.

Most Englishmen are conservative.

He could not speak French well.

How can we learn the truth?

Why can't they be stopped?

The problem is you're not Canadian.

Her explanation is a little convincing.

What does this look like?

What are you carrying?

I see myself.

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I've got a surprise for you.

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They went after the parade.

I'm pleased to have you here.

He wants only one cup of tea.

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He could not refrain from smiling, though with a slight sense of guilt.

My brother hides his porn magazines under his mattress.

The play's over.

Why do you think that was?

I'm not delusional.

Sekar has lost his job.

Johnny is a cripple.

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Adam doesn't know anything about what happened.

She is not so much honest as clever.

When can we see each other?

That sounds sinister.

Amedeo is cleaning the hall with a mop.

Sadly, he isn't as skilled as he is enthusiastic.

Every problem has a solution.

I guess you have changed a lot. I imagine what kind of beautiful young lady you've become...

Hey, you can't say that to me.

How long have you known about this?

I work a lot.

Why won't anyone help us?

Our father used to read us happy stories when we were small.


I don't feel nervous.


Will you please come to my party?

I don't know how to contact you.

What'd the doctor say?

We two don't know what mackerel is in Tagalog.

We just have to do our best.

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When Ceres was first discovered it was called a comet. Within a year it was called a planet. Within one more year it was called an asteroid. Since 2006, it has been called a dwarf planet.

You won't get away with it!

He scratched his balls.

I didn't have the money.

He plunged into the water head first.

There are some friends who are dearer to me than others.

You can come to my party, but you have to bring me a gift.


You'll be asked why you want to be a teacher.

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Each time the comet passes close to the Sun, it loses some of its material. Over time, it will break up and disappear completely.

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Isn't it incredible?

The house fell down a week later.

Let's go into my office.


He has pains in his side.

I wish you would make a list of the newly published books.

There's someone I have to get in touch with in Boston.

The village was isolated by the flood.

Many murders have been committed in the name of patriotism.


I doubt Harvey knows how to fish.

That remains a big problem.

Kaj offered Byron and John some potato chips.

The traffic is heavy here.

The government made no move to solve the housing problem.

I forgot that Toerless didn't speak French.

I just want to know why I have to do it.

Kimmo is unapproachable, isn't he?

Could you give me back my valuables?