When will you give me your answer?

Maybe Roy will do that for us.

I love this song!

I'm going to show Sofia how to do it.

Don't inconvenience yourself!

Grandpa always said there'd be days like this.

Alex was wearing a wire.


Ahmed pointed towards the mountain.

I may never see you again.

I still feel bad.

Bill took his brother to the zoo.

The house is on fire!

Keep in touch with me.

He is timid as a hare.

Sharada got out of bed at 2:30 every morning.

Don't ask who she is.

I think we'd better get out of here.

Is Molly going with you?

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He isn't answering his phone.

I only ate a bite of bread.

I don't like talking to people I don't know.

He has done many things for poor people.

Sergiu deserves better.

I don't have any pets.

Whose office is this?

Let me have a word with you.

We pitched our tent and built a campfire.

Who's that guy with the mustache?

Be careful. We don't know what's in there.

The results were disappointing.

I overheard your conversation with Marcia.

We see a lot of cars on the street.

All our things were turned upside down.

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She gave him mixed signals.


Did you eat all the bread?

Why is it so difficult to establish that the nervous cell is the basic unit for the nervous tissue?

It's a pipe dream.

Jesus has been up since 6:30 this morning.

She put the money in the bank.


When she noticed that the man followed after her, she began to become frightened.

I want permission to go home early.

I'm just not very hungry.

Syed didn't look dangerous at all.

He has only a superficial knowledge of Japanese.

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My older sister goes jogging every day.

There is a mistake in this sentence.

I don't think we did it right.

There doesn't seem to be anything wrong with Vick.

I got her an ice cream so that she wouldn't get depressed.

A year has passed since he came here.

Can you stay till Monday?


That's not funny at all anymore.

New hires who just joined the company do everything in this timid manner.

I sent an e-card for a friend whose birthday is today.

Kevin excused himself for being late.

All you need to do is get back the time you have wasted.

She plays hockey on the weekends.

I think there's hope for you yet.

The suspect wanted to avoid being arrested.

I greeted the students with a handshake.

Murat bent down to scratch the dog behind the ear.

They were reckless.

Were you the one who planned this whole thing?

She was happy and sad all at once.

Do you need a ride somewhere?

Pharamp paid a fine for illegal parking.


She was injured in the car accident.


I demand that you correct that observation, Mr. Charles.

What does TATOEBA mean?

Temperatures at the North Pole have hit a record high.

I usually wake up at six.

I have to give the money back to Ken.


That man is abusive trash who's lied in circles over and over again. We have no reason to believe that this isn't just more emotional manipulation. I've seen this exact thing happen over and over again with other abusers like him in different places. Abusers like him use their perceived instability as social capital to keep their trust and good faith alive long after it's been crushed again and again by their cruelty and perversion.

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The dog was hit by a truck.

She shuddered at the sight of the one-eyed cat.

We have another decision to make.

In their family, they have always been farmers from father to son.

It's so cold here that we can't do without an overcoat.

He was my student. Now he teaches my children.

These shoes fit perfectly.

Your words have freed me from every doubt.

They are both colleagues of mine.


You're not allowed in there.

We are currently working to restore normal service as soon as possible.

The guests are drinking beer and wine.


I saw someone go into the room.

How did you solve the problem?

Nobody really knows.


My parents were satisfied with my grades this year.

He's the head of the marketing department.

The young couple was accompanied by a chaperone.

She looks as beautiful as if she were an actress.

Why not give us a chance?

Jose wanted to play poker with us, but Martin wouldn't let him.

Now that he has graduated, he must become more serious.

She is partial to sweets.

You're so cute.

I wonder if we can do it.

If you take care of the small things, the big things will take care of themselves.

His laziness is a bad omen for the future.

You can't have wanted it.

The prime minister paid a formal visit to the White House.

Neal is very young.

Having read the newspaper, I know about the accident.

The more careful you are, the fewer mistakes you make.


Why did Jeanne let you in the house?


I like to fry fish.

He put up a notice about the change in price.

I knew it wouldn't be easy.

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We look forward to receiving your prompt reply.


I heard Leads come in.

I have made up my mind to achieve my goals in three years.

Chris will come here.

My parents object to my opinion.

It was so romantic.

Stop tickling me!

I thought you said you had something to tell me.

How much did the tickets cost?

I put the money in a three-year time deposit at the bank.

Perhaps I could have Leon take care of that for you.

She set him to chopping wood.

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I was concentrating on reading.


They paid no attention to his warnings.

I found the track of the tire.

You're right, as usual.

I wish I could say yes.

She read the poem out loud.


Edmund has a Japanese friend.


Rakhal owns a small store next to the petrol station.

Coral reefs attract a variety of beautiful marine life.

This is all I want.

Let me check on that.

We can learn a lot about a society by looking at its driving culture.

There's no need to advertise a good wine.

Rusty flirted with Lorien.


He saw his home-town again only after ten years.

I just don't want Sanjeev to win.

From this you can conclude that feminism is still necessary.


Dirk told me about your suspicions.

He left the meeting for no reason.

But she is innocent!

Life is full of mysteries.

Do you know when they will arrive?


You really need a psychiatrist.

It wasn't enough.

Petr is extraordinarily good-looking.

Are you always that busy?

You can't expect me to pay for everything.

Perhaps we shouldn't be doing this here.

It was entirely coincidental.

It's just not possible.

What difference does it make to you?


He is rich, but his older brother is poor.


I'll never return.


No wonder that he has failed in the enterprise.

"Do you see that great tree there?" said the witch, pointing to a tree beside them.

Murat pointed to the map on the wall.

Everything is going very well.

The lion must've drug it down here.


That meat is chicken.


I took care of them.


I want beef, too.

Does he have anything to do with the campaign?

Rome has a lot of charm for me.

Don't say it again.

I don't think what Timo did was wrong.

Could I get a Japanese newspaper, please?

He loved Craig.