When you are on the battlefield, who you are fighting for is the man next to you.

The mafia let him in on their plans to knock off a rival gangster.

What would he like to be in the future?

Susan, Juan's sister, is very intelligent.

Noise pollution could be avoided if only people were more sensitive to the environment.

I suppose you have the right to know.

I'm never wrong.

It'll happen quite quickly.

No sooner had the girl caught sight of the monster than she ran away.

I understand the concept.

The puncture wound was very deep and had to be examined for infection.

Police rushed to the scene on the tip that a time bomb was planted.

My mother wasn't a good mother.

The lizard climbed along the wall and went into a hole.

List still hasn't arrived.

"How are you doing?" "Not bad."

I kept the cheese in the cellar.

She arrived unannounced.

About how many times an hour do these buses leave?


I took her for her sister.

Does anyone here think that's a good idea?

Hold up there, sergeant.

Are you OK with this?

May God give you a good evening!

Reinhard walked down the stairs.

This city has many historical buildings.

Six months later, Dan was back in jail.

I like beautiful things even if they are umbrellas.


What does it matter what happens to Prakash?


Sharon wanted to be a farmer.

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He must be very tired after a long walk.

As a boy, he would go to the seaside every summer.

They continued fighting.


Jon, please hand me the hammer.

I think it's unlikely that Lila will get elected.

No one can determine the amount of money we waste in a year.

The words in my head form streets and buildings, entire cities. I want to take you there.

You're weird. I haven't helped you at all yet and you're calling me a "genius".

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Some books are worth reading over and over again.


Don't talk so loud.

We'll watch you.

She was busy knitting. In the meantime, he was taking a nap by the fire.


I can't promise that you'll like these books but I think it would be a good idea to at least look them over.

I have a class I have to get to.

I have a bestseller about Greek mythology.

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Clara asked me why I worked so hard.

Cristi baked some muffins.

In Ukraine I always speak Ukrainian.

We've been together three years.

He sometimes has trouble expressing his opinions.

I've seen it happen too many times already.

I can't ask you to go any further.

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On my birthday, everyone in the bar was buying me drinks.

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I'll probably swim a lot next summer.

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Am I to blame for everything?

She has a feel for music.

We should probably go.

Sanford has told me what I need to know.

You shouldn't climb such a high mountain in the winter.

I hope I don't mess up today.

There's a possibility of war.

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The boat was rolling down the river.

It's weird that the mailman hasn't come yet.

Kerry knows precisely what he's doing.

I'd like to see Rich one more time.

I'll find her.

Briggs has told us so much about you.

We need to remember that.

I want you to be happy.

It was an unexpected opportunity.


She ran away with the eggs.

Did you get my email yesterday with the instructions?

Don't weep, little Vasilissa. Grief is worst at night. Lie down, shut thine eyes, comfort thyself and go to sleep. The morning is wiser than the evening.

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She will be here this evening.

What more is there to say?

Johnnie didn't want to leave empty-handed.

In December of 1932, Einstein left for the United States. A month after his departure the Nazis assumed control of Germany. He never returned to Germany.

Blayne's boss criticised him for not having any initiative.


I am very glad to see you.

I don't need to add these books to my library.

I'm right, aren't I?

Dan hoped that Linda could tell him something about what happened to Matt.

I wonder if Sumitro noticed the difference.

Tell her I said hello.

What an awful report!

Siegurd handed a cup to Tal.

She spent most of her life taking care of poor people.

Our diet is full of variety.

Did you give the children enough to eat?

Don't try to deny it.

Computer performance maybe very poor.

He had few teeth.

We've lived in this house for three years.

I can write what I want in my diary.

In the middle of the city, there is a fountain.


Meanwhile, the foolish uncle was sitting in the living room.

The "Bolashak" program is very useful.

Sorry, but I am unable to do so.

Sonny was lucky enough to find a good job.

We're ready for whatever might come.

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Some people don't own computers.

You what? I never thought about that!

I'm just going to lie down for a minute.

He has been regarded as Japan's answer to Picasso.

I lived in Sasayama two years ago.

I believed in myself.

Is Po, or is Hamilton going to the market?

We were all a little stunned.

I'm not going to tell you because you tell Vinod everything.

Have you ever heard Konstantinos sing?

Injuries are part of the sport. You cannot say a player's loss "doesn't count" because he was not in top form due to an injury. Avoiding injuries is just another important skill to be learned.

It was a good choice.

That was actually pretty cool.


I thought you wouldn't mind.

They splashed water over me.

Did you tell anyone about what Tomas did?


I'm not making any plans.


Either all or none.

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You want to know the truth, don't you?

If the young does not learn it, the old does not know it.

I assume it's not good.

Barton is a bad loser.

Why are you so busy today?

Would you rather eat a mouse or a tarantula?

I think I just saw something.

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Rajeev and I often eat together.


Ritchey didn't beg Jochen to take her back.

Felix realized what he had to do.

Justin bought me this jacket.

This is a good deal.

She has broken with him.

Either as a waiter at a restaurant or a bartender, both are OK.

How many fish did you catch?

This work is difficult for us.

I get the feeling this will be a good day.

Do like I said, OK?

Tell her to get ready to leave.

Elizabeth fainted on the school playground.

I know all his friends and what he tells them to do.

These headphones are both stylish and comfortable.

The Baltic Sea is one of the most popular national travel destinations for Germans.


Lenny is getting a foot massage.


I had a really good time yesterday.

I have a warrant to search the premises.

Even though she is 38, she still depends on her parents.

Patrick said you were bright.

I'm simply amazed by you.

Which one of us do you like best?

Excuse me, do you have the time?

We might never see them again.

Herve is giving us time to consider his offer.

Dick knows me.

You're not jealous, are you?

Felix has been in jail three times.

That house is small, but it's big enough for us.


Bud can no longer afford to live in the style he is accustomed to.


He made believe that he was a millionaire.


Actually, the earth is getting warmer.


They're really something.

I think you've been punished enough.

Everyone has good points and bad points.

My thoughts are stuck in the web of Lviv's streets.

I told him everything.


When was the last time you spent time on Facebook?


Why would someone kill them?

There is a crowd of people on the street.

The typical beer of Germans is pilsener.