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I know it's a lie.

The FBI secretly wiretapped the criminal's room.

Five times five is twenty five.

I tear my clothes when I work in the garden.

We went for our walk and held hands.

We didn't do much yesterday.

We were like family.

We are breakfasting at seven, if you would like to join us.

Do you think you'd have time to help me learn French?

I understand her.

A horse is very useful.


The real definition of science is that it's the study of the beauty of the world.

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Clyde Tombaugh photographed 65% of the sky and spent thousands of hours examining photographs of the night sky.

You had better go in person.

As long as you don't tell Hon where it is, I'm sure he won't find it.

I spent the day with Tyler.

Take anything you like.


You're not a boy.


Luke has short hair.

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You can tell just by looking at Jean-Pierre that he's not having any fun here.

Mr. Charles Baskerville gave this family paper to me.

Sometimes it can't be avoided.

It's a bundle of contradictions.

Les rarely gets angry.

On August 31, 1950, another V-2 was launched and carried an unanaesthetized mouse that was photographed in flight and did not survive impact.

That book has a bunch of pages.

Is Nhan dating someone?

You needed to arrive earlier.

Dominic will be at the party tonight.

Dan jumped across from his train to another one.

I'll pay by cheque.

You were wrong about the painting.

He is above asking questions.

Do you need a doctor?


He will be back in an hour.

I just want to leave.

It won't be ready.

We've both made sacrifices.

He wasn't part of the scandal.


The poet is not used to speaking in public.

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Torsten has been briefed about the situation.

I was your age when I came to Boston.

Most of their interviews are in German.


I am reading a book about animals.

What else do you do?

Do you really believe there's a connection?

I'm feeling a little blue today.

That's really immature, Frank.


Ted types better than Barry does.


Well, anyway, I liked the idea of this site and I want to participate!

It made me nervous.

Hohn wasn't able to solve the problem.

"My metabolism is such that no matter how much I eat I don't put on weight." "Just now, this second, you've made enemies of people throughout the world."

Prices drop in the winter clearance sales.


This is a book worth reading.

Louise and Vladimir moved in together last month.

It's like selling shoes to a shoemaker.

Let's ask ourselves why.

Do you mind if I take a day off?

You asked for it.

I had to make a choice between Robbin and Sharada.

The matres lectionis assist us in reading the words.

I feel so lucky.

That'll be inconvenient.

Edith is assertive.


Chris said he was heading to the airport.

Are you seeing anybody now?

I wish you were here with me now.

Klaus didn't plan on hurting anyone.

Last night I threw up.

We have a mutual friend.

I have just a few questions.

Unfortunately, or perhaps fortunately, no.

I fell down really hard and got a black bruise on my knee.


What's their connection to her?

Liar today, thief tomorrow.

I wish I could sing as well as Lukas.


Man is business difficult!

Is it safe for us to be here?

He is still angry.

I thought Hotta had met Nanda before.

Kaj has been badly wounded.


He lives near the beach.


I'm little worried about her.


They failed to get the necessary votes.

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Shai's statement is pure nonsense.

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He cited, during his speech, Kant and Heidegger among others.

Rebecca is willing to help us tomorrow, isn't he?

One should adopt only sentences in their own native language.

Her unusual behavior caused our suspicions.

It seems strange.

She has been sick for a week.

My son went to the United States to study medicine.

This hotel is far from deserving the four stars the guidebook gives it.

Vicky didn't know because I never told him.

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Connie doesn't even know my name.

This tune is quite familiar to us all.

I could not speak to him.

How do you say 'rushing' in Russian?

Are you still not convinced?

With such friends, who needs enemies?!

Shai tried to convince Shyam that he was right.


Kayvan couldn't catch what Sanjeev said.

It is remarkable for her not to understand.

I do not know whether it is good or not.

Antony hasn't paid Timothy yet.

You must concentrate entirely on your recovery.

I've been stupid.

I think you've been hanging out with Pam too much.

I think we're in luck.

Seldom do I see him.

The cabinet minister ended up submitting his resignation.

I hate being stupid.

Remind me what time the concert starts.

Until there is justification or evidence, we do not know if it is true what he says.


We'll find somewhere else to go.

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I'll let you speak to Tyler.


I'll have to get back to you.

Illness prevented me from taking a trip.

We discovered that it was all a lie.

We'll eat lunch after we get home.

He must be over fifty.


Watch him and do what he does.

Fuck, what kind of asshole calls people in the middle of the night?

I was so happy that day.

It's going to work out fine.

We huddled into that tent, 19 below that day, I'll never forget it.

He's quite active for his age.

What is the program of the Kabuki for next month?

He brought it up first, but he didn't show up. What's going on?

Kinch plays the bass guitar in our band.

I understand the risk.

Don't go for a walk naked!

Randell and Clark gaze at each other.

Tiefenthal thought Hugh's dress wasn't appropriate for the occasion.

I'm gonna go take a nap for an hour.

She loves an old table made in England.

Let's learn this poem by heart.

Kate was frightened to see the big dog.

Every politician must be responsive to complaints from the public, or he or she will become inflexible and make disastrous decisions.

No one can approach him in wideness of knowledge.

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Please give me a piece of bread.

When was the last time you swam?

The affair ran more smoothly than we expected.

I left my tennis racket at the club.

Nothing is more pleasant than to take a walk on a fine spring day.

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I never did anything important.

We speak Japanese.

Pim was driven out of the temple.


She has the wonderful capability to overcome any obstacle.

You've got to be careful or else you'll miss it again.

I don't like my work.

You must not despise someone because they are poor.

It happened just the way Valeria said it did.

Pilar is a big fan of Chopin.

Look, Rajeev, I know you gave it to Pantelis.

The conductor appeared on the stage.

These two are widely different from each other.

My aim is to learn enough English so I don't need to carry a dictionary with me when I travel.

What promotions do you have?

Elliot's in there.

"Are you from Australia?" asked the Filipino.

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They already left.

We need to have a serious discussion.

On July 20 1969, Neil Armstrong left the Lunar Module Eagle and became the first human to set foot on the Moon. He was soon followed by his fellow astronaut, Edwin "Buzz" Aldrin.

They are aware of the difficulties.

We'd better do something about this leak.

Srikanth especially liked Kim's sentences about squirrels.

My brother Jacques is fourteen years old.