I wish you all well in your future life here.

The suction-capacity of a vacuum cleaner depends directly on its electric capacity multiplied by efficiency.

It is a chair.

We were clueless.

Shouldn't you be going?


Lanny is one of my best customers.

Why are you so scared? It's just a movie.

I suppose you know everything Erick did.

Sehyo and Wolfgang think I don't know.

You two are brothers, right?

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I played chess with Urs yesterday.


Nancy isn't used to driving on the left side of the road.


He had a narrow escape from being hit by the truck.


There are some books on the desk.


Cliff looks a little uncomfortable.


This publisher has put out some very good books.


We have just over 300 employees.

Stewart is going to hurt himself.

He often asks silly questions.

Why was Marika so interested in Japanese culture?

I'm going to wash my hands.

Huey doesn't know when it happened.

I'm not good at math.

Hopefully, it won't happen again.

Everybody hates him.

What's Japan's longest river?

The archaeologist is studying old Roman ruins.

Damn, this ice cream is really good!

I can smell Lois's perfume. She must have been here earlier.

When I give you an order, I expect it to be carried out.

Hirotoshi understands what I mean, I think.

Lee decided to call the police.

Keep focused on your work.

Have you seen my car keys?

I've heard that Mr. Huayllacahua is a carpenter.

A man of common sense would never do such a thing.

Always keep that in mind.

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She doesn't share the opinion of her boss.

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I don't know what I'm going to do.

I forgot to speak with Kazuhiro.

Bananas are a kind of fruit.

For God sent not his Son into the world to condemn the world; but that the world through him might be saved.

One withstands the invasion of armies; one does not withstand the invasion of ideas.

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His wife asked him to throw that old hat away.

She was in America last month.

Pim tried his best.

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You can't help me, can you?


Dan learnt Esperanto by himself.

He went to the United States to study medicine.

What do you mean to say to me?


She is stubborn.


The company suffered a 15% drop in sales.


That's exactly what I wanted to happen.

I'd like you to have an ultrasound.

Kathy wiped the bloody knife on his shirt.

Go put some clean clothes on.

Arnold and Evan weren't at home yesterday evening.

I'm drunk, but I can still speak German.

We've never had any reason to do that.

Short-term effects of smoking include unfitness, wheezing, a general vulnerability to illness, bad breath, bad skin and so on.

Billy didn't really feel like eating Korean food.

Anna put some old clothes in the box.

I thought I gave you the key yesterday.


With a little more patience, she would have succeeded.

He's writing.

I hope Piotr gets here soon.

We weren't looking for them.

Let Jeremy take a look at it.

I'm awfully nervous about everything.

You may find your umbrella at the Lost and Found.

Hohn's very much in control of the situation.

In humans, the eyes act together with the brains.

It's about time!

This math problem is unsolvable no matter which approach you use.

Limited research suggests that listening to music can benefit people who have Alzheimer's disease in various ways.

How have you been?

I visited Paris a long time ago.

Gail is too nosy.

I found him to be a bright boy.

I told Lyndon about Franklin.


There is neither God nor Buddha.

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I like two girls.


Benjamin did everything he possibly could to help.

This task is labor-intensive.

What do most young Italian girls spend their time doing?

I've never had these kinds of problems before.

You'd regret it.


This was the right choice.

I wonder if Lex would be interested in investing in our project.

We were invited.

They drove wagons and carried supplies.

The story was adapted for the movie.

I like the tennis more than the soccer.

I wasn't offended.

He was holding a pen in his hand.

I'd rather die than marry you!

December has thirty-one days.

Her husband drinks really like a fish.

The target is in sight.

Tell the kids they need to go to bed.

Morton is enrolled in a magnet school.

What are you going to do over the weekend?


Not everyone enjoyed it.

Rodger has been very rude to me.

Apart from its cost, the plan was a good one.

There is a very strict rule forbidding smoking in bed.

I don't know how many years Cecilia has been a teacher.

Where were you when the fire broke out?

We admire you.

Political candidates should talk about family values.

Don't be terrified.

It rained three times during the trip.

I think we can get along well.

The sky is clear. Lots of stars are scattered across it.

I daresay you are going to go no matter what.

Would you care to dance?

This apple tastes very sour.


I don't have it anymore.


I find that to be a relative concept.

It'll help you save energy.

Stephanie wants to win.

What did you guys do this weekend?

She asked me to write a letter to a friend of hers in Germany.

Do you like North Americans?

Why are you hiding from us?


He resented everyone's being very quiet.

The vote was twenty-eight for and twenty against.

No investigation is required.

A church in Los Angeles has decided to press charges against a homeless man who stole a few cookies from the church's cookie jar.

Actually, Herbert is now my ex-girlfriend.

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I'll find you later.

Why did George buy a new car?

She told me how it was wrong to steal.

I hate being sick.

One of the events was the Battle of New Orleans.


I'm not so normal.

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The experience of a looping discussion in all languages which results in nothing is the cause.

Show me another example.

The murderer hasn't been arrested yet.

Just give him a second.

Come on, Krzysztof, we don't have all day.

We talked about what had happened to us when we were kids.

Why don't you correct her?


I haven't slept in a while.

The insurance was invalid to the invalid.

I'd like to take my jacket off, please; it's too hot.


It's an awfully big responsibility.

We're impatient.

Your father will lose face if you don't keep your promise.

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The poor man has no relatives.

Strong winds accompanied the rain.

You know everybody.


We don't have much money.

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I lead people well.


He is still not old enough to go there all alone.

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There's no choice now.

Even his servants despised him.

It was just something I read in a newspaper.

She wants a new dress badly.

Strictly speaking, the theory is not correct.

This person is your slave, right?

Foxes, squirrels, hedgehogs, and many other small animals live in this forest.

He sent her a friend request.

I don't believe he could do that.