He suggested to her that she should buy it.

That station will be retired as of tomorrow.

Keith and Markus have the flu.

She is deaf to my advice.

Lorraine is coming to our school tomorrow.

How are you not seeing that?

Some people are demonstrating against nuclear arms.

What can you do?

He is shy of telling the truth.

She was a kind person.

Sooner or later, his luck will run out.

A sure method to be rich is to be born rich.

What he did was nothing less than madness.

Did you know Mahmoud was dealing drugs?

The final piece was placed in the puzzle.

I'm fussy.

They fought the measures in the courts.

This is only for your personal use.

Is Sid here?

Ronald used up all the hot water.

I can't let him do that.

Roland's injuries weren't as severe as Max's.

My mother made a sweater for me.


I have an extremely tight schedule for tomorrow.


"Have you finished it?" "On the contrary, I'm just starting."

He said that.

Everyone hoped that she would win.

During whose reign was that church built?

Matthieu is now very angry with me.

Don't talk to anyone about this.

We've been friends all our lives.

Doing that would be a bad idea.

Tilden won more popular votes than Hayes.

No problem.

I try not to think about it too much.

A garden planted with pine trees.

He had bought into the idea that the brain creates its own consciousness.


I always wear boots when it rains or snows.


Today is a boring day.

Will is stressed out.

It doesn't sound too bad to me.

Everything he says rubs me the wrong way.

It appears that he's a student.

We couldn't play outdoors because of the intense heat.

Merry is scared of dogs.

I hope Benson never finds out.

Major and Tommy went potholing.

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We need Nick's help.

Some girls just never learn.

I must talk to you about what needs to be done.


I know of a place that you like.

They should not wait for help to come to them from elsewhere, or they will be disappointed.

The teacher and I sat face to face.

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The point is that you haven't learned anything from him.

Luck was on our side.

Samir despises people who smoke.

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What's your mother like?

I was foolish enough to believe him.

Sonja clapped his hands together.

It's the best place around.

I hate him with every fiber of my being.

He turned off the light and he went to bed.

A rose's petals are very delicate.

I don't have any family to support.

Throw me the ball.

She's eating something.

The room key, please.

It's so bitter.

Why are you protecting us?


You're not allowed to have pets in this building.

We entered the room by the back door.

His son trembled with fear.

I happen to agree with you.

Why did he stop talking about the army?


Tanaka and Jess are playing Cluedo with their friends.

No. I don't know. It's a lot of things.

The school administration blamed Heather.

After my childhood, I was never sick again.

The painting is all but finished.

Please wash it.

I think this book is easy.

We had many exciting experiences in the college.

I wasn't given a choice.


Please let us help you.

I want to see you in my office right now.

Jackson lived for eight more years.

I always wanted to be a father.

The slave ran away for his life.


Don't use this until tomorrow.

My brother prefers windsurfing.

I can see you're speechless.

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My father is a good man.


How do you think I feel about it?

His ideas are crazy.

I have to eat my lunch.

Brett doesn't know who baked the cake.

You need some knowledge of basic science.


By the time you realize I'm gone, I'll be miles away. Don't try to find me.

African elephants have less hair than Asian elephants.

Somebody's waiting for you.

That book is of no interest to me.

You missed them, didn't you?

I had a sweet dream yesterday.

The president announced that the United States would put a satellite into orbit.

Those are the risks.

Could you take a picture of me?

I'm going back to look for her.

I'd like to lose some weight.

Paola needs to stay close.

He was about to talk.

Victor has been very respectful.

Dan didn't even speak.

How do I explain that to him?

Send Naren a message.

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I have decided to weigh myself every day starting today.


I don't have any problem getting to sleep.

Was that you at the door?

They were stuck for hours in a traffic jam.


I got your note.


We happened to take the same train.

There are usually between two and five lunar eclipses each year.

You really need a woman.

Why does nobody eat my potatoes?

I could not believe what I saw.

I want to live in Antarctica.

I wish I could give up smoking.


A man of sense wouldn't speak to you like that.


This whole thing was a lame excuse.


They refused to give up their way of life.

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Take care of Norbert for me.

Caroline was sitting on the couch, watching TV.

She called her bear Ted.

These people are desperate and devoid of hope.

I'm supposed to have the house to myself tonight.

I am crazy for him!

Anita removed his glasses and rubbed his eyes.


He does not know how to drive a car.

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Treasure chests abound in the dungeon, but so do horrible monsters.

They have a plan.

I am at vocational school.


I had to get out of Boston.

I'll keep that if you don't mind.

I decided to become a lawyer.

I'm out here.

She brings home the bread and butter.


He spun both drumsticks very fast in his hands.

It's time to face the music.

Wherever he goes, he has bodyguards with him.


We need to wait for Miek.


Mitchell begged Aimee for forgiveness.

I'm the only one qualified to do this.

I'll be staying at the Portside Hotel.

He sat on the bench and crossed his legs.

Only human beings are capable of speech.

Tell me you don't know anything about this.

Alan believes that life exists on other planets.

English is not my mother tongue, either!

We'll have a farewell party for Nancy tomorrow.


You are cleared for takeoff.

My dad doesn't hate you.

The baby soon fell asleep in the cradle.

She decorated her room with bright color.

We want Johan back on our team.

Besides French, he can obviously speak English.

It's good to have you back!

Doug was captured in battle.

I got that from her.

Is this really news?

I'm made from recycled plastic. Please reuse or recycle me!