That actually surprised me.

I don't know how this stuff works.

These are all the things that I need.

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He went by the post office.

Several people were arrested.

He asked me whether she had given me the book, or if I had bought it myself.

Forgive me for interrupting the other day.

Olson hates liars.

Andrew's an extremely honest person.

I'd rather clean my room than spend time doing my homework.

I have never been abroad.

I eat lunch every day at noon.


What she says is true.

In Japanese folklore, bakeneko are cats with magical powers.

This sentence allows for multiple interpretations that I need to consider when translating.

Can I see your driver's license?

I came to like him.


The cat came near being run over by a truck.

They have us out-gunned, but we'll have the element of surprise.

I just need a break.

My father usually comes home at seven.

At which hour is the next train arriving?

Hui tried to explain everything to Perry.

I know what time you said you would be there, but I wasn't able to be there at that time.

I had to get back home.

Thanks, Ann. I'll take it from there.

I think I can do it in my spare time.

He has a son of your age.


You'd hire me, wouldn't you?

The policeman didn't believe the thief.

Tharen wondered why Karl didn't like John.

If we should miss the train, we'll go by bus.

Philip was really drunk.

William took a penlight out of his pocket.

I've been sitting here watching Tanaka flipping burgers and rotating the sausages on the grill.


Dori comes here every other week.

Did Ping say what the meeting would be about?

You don't know, do you?


What right do you have to order us around?

The girl who works at the bakery is pretty.

No, it's second hand.

The movie gained her great popularity.

She is economically independent of her parents now.

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I will look it up on Google.

Please check in at least an hour before leaving.

The police will be very interested to learn that you're keeping Phiroze locked up in the basement.

The poor child was born deaf and dumb.

My wife's going to kill me.

Thank you for calling me on time.

The house has been easily sold.

Whether you like it or not, you have to do your homework.

I am living the good life.

Kathryn died a few days ago.

The water is lukewarm.


Of course, I have to tell them.

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Who's the representative from your district?

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I'm able to swim.


We won the game by three goals to one.


She really likes cats a lot.

Is that a euphemism for something?

Both of us are very fond of curry and steak.

Izchak helped the old man across the street.

I was compelled to go there.

Creationism is bullshit.

As a lark, Mike bought Ole a plastic-grass hula skirt and a coconut-shell bra, momentarily forgetting that her opportunities to wear this colourful get-up would be somewhat limited.

The leaves have begun to turn.

Let's unearth the onions.


His life is a neverending race against time.

I arrived in China.

You've been in a coma for three years, Skef.

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They're not mine.


They got up.

Kaj tried to blend in with the crowd.

We have lots of snow in the winter.

You were a fool.

The Great Wall of China is more than 5,500 miles long.


Is the food at the restaurant halal?

According to him, yes.

Tricia is quite an athlete.


He went out with the heater on.

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I'm feeling nervous.

Let's have a party with members of the tennis club.

Jelske's amused.

Be on your guard against fire.

No doubt he will come later.


Do you have any allergies?

More than iron, more than lead, more than gold I need electricity. I need it more than I need lamb or pork or lettuce or cucumber. I need it for my dreams.

I wonder if Jochen would like to play poker with us.

It was a collaborative effort.

I'm very grateful for everything you've done for me.

I can do it without your help.

He will soon get used to the climate here.

How can you concentrate?

Derek insisted on doing that.

She was always different from other children.

You've got to apologize.

Get lost, kid!

Swallows are flying in the sky.

Well, girls, it's time to go.

He gave away all his old furniture.


She was mad about the prank, but I got her good.


She's older than him.

He respects his father.

They govern themselves.

He ran.

The girl doesn't like the red shoes.

You'd better go with her.

I tried to persuade him, but in vain.

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A painting is a wordless poem.

I agree with you that we should try again.

There's no pleasing Kristin, he always grumbles about everything even when we've done our best.


Did you hear about him?

I'm going to quit.

Stop putting food on my plate.


A product has been launched that uses the power from the USB to keep hot drinks warm.


Helge never killed anybody.

She helped her mother clean the house.

There was a tornado in the village.

There's a lot of traffic today.

His letter makes me uneasy.

I'm talking to my friend.

I saw two guys kissing each other in the hallway.

Roxie is disrespectful.

My family has lived here for twenty years.

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He is younger than me by three years.

That's a funny looking car.

I wanted to believe June was lying.

Life can be hard.

He engaged to pay the bill as soon as possible.

The picture reminds me of my childhood.

You want me to do your dirty work for you, don't you?

I made a doctor's appointment for two.

In the summer, it's very humid.

I don't put sugar in my coffee.

Don't go to illegal meetings.


Don't let my son see this!

Chuck said he was planning to get smashed tonight.

Do you have any idea of how difficult is to do this?

But the possibility seems unlikely.

Will Micheal be allowed to go camping with the other children?

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This is too hard.


The prices of raw materials such as oil or coal continue to rise.


When I fell I tore a hole in the knee of my pants.


Brian has a stress ball.

You're drunk.

The day she started for Paris was rainy.


Sjaak is the manager of a small restaurant.


Tollefsen asked me to stop by his house after work.

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Can I have a seat in the stalls?


I don't think Barbara suffered.

If we don't trust each other, we won't be able to live together.

I want to see if I can find out where Izchak hid the stolen money.

This is an example of something silly. A silly example, we might say.

Carisa has a big black cock.

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This novel is very imaginative.

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There are pretty shutters on either side of the front windows.

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Two is a pair.

He was a tall man.

The company has branches in 12 European countries.

Going down on somebody is an art.

The news caused him to explode with anger.