Could you clean your room, please?

The same goes for you.


She could not take her eyes off of him.

I enjoyed the show.

Carsten just missed the bus.


You've got a sharp eye, Cliff.

On the other hand, he had a different opinion.

I am reading short stories.

Why is there always a tall guy in front of me?

Eggs are sold by the dozen.

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Are you looking for something specific?

It's going to be great and exciting to be there.

This is Piercarlo's umbrella.


I will receive the gifts.

The meal includes dessert as well as beverage.

We'll make it work.

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Louis Pasteur discovered that germs cause most infectious diseases.

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Jane opposed our decision.

Dale doesn't look very hopeful.

He wants to impart his wisdom to you.

Cyrus tore the paper in half.

Who gave you such a rough time, and where? I'll beat him black and blue for you.

Your ideas are quite old fashioned.

It's usually a good thing.

There were so many things I wanted to ask Randy.

You can't keep that secret.

She lost her job because of her careless remark.

I don't care, and neither should you.

They rushed to the scene of the traffic accident.

He wanted to go to sea.

Brazil hosts the Summer Olympics in twenty sixteen.

A forest is not just trees, not even a collection of trees, but a dense stand of woodland covering a vast area.

I shouldn't have eaten that. I feel sick.

I love sentences about squirrels!

Angela only takes painkillers when he just can't stand the pain any longer.

Lex's guardian angel must have been watching over him.

I'd like to be woken up tomorrow at 6:30.

I knew there was a possibility.

Tandy is really smart and also kind of cute.

Gail runs 10 kilometers every day.

You must take care when you cross the road.

He is going like the devil.

He's a bus driver.

There used to be a prison here.

I have been having a battle of wits with an unarmed opponent!

I know where Margot will be three hours from now.

Why can't I sing like they can?

Why don't you calm down? You're really making me cringe.

If you want something to be done right, sometimes you've just got to do it yourself.

You're full of shit.

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She survived an abusive childhood.


Sergei and Heinz didn't seem to understand what John wanted them to do.

She's doing it just to spite him.

Many predictions were made, but none of those predictions came true.


Glen gave this to me when I was little.

Lars was surprised by what he learned.

My business is slow right now.

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Can you tell me what you're doing here?

It'll be scary.

I can beat him!

I thought I was a train.

I'm sure that better times are on the way.

Animals can sense fear.

When did all this happen?

Later, Chris felt ashamed and apologized and Beth forgave him.

Lanny'll need to improve his mapreading skills if he wants to compete in the upcoming orienteering competition.

How can I fix the lag?

Ernst's replacement hasn't been determined.

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He married a girl of his own choice.

On the other hand we learned a great deal from the experience.

We're on pretty shaky ground as it is.

No wonder that even he feared this word himself.

I'd like you to sing a song for me.

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My stomach aches after meals.


My wrath shall far exceed the love I ever bore.

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I promise I won't do this again.

Don't grow too fond of Vijay.

Do we have your permission to leave?

We've never talked about it.

She can't be over thirty; she must still be in her twenties.


You've seen what we can do.

I couldn't say when exactly in my life it occurred to me that I would be a pilot someday.

The iris gives the eye its color.

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Tell us a little about your family.

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Vern died in bed.

I have to read this article.

Amy cooks for Carlo.

You don't have an email address?

Our professor postponed the exam until next week.

We felt all caged in.

I wasn't able to escape.


Believe what you wish.

There are no easy answers.

Woods grow greener in the spring.

It was not that he felt any emotion akin to love for her.

Have you ever hung up washing?

Merton is a popular guy.

I bore this trial.


I'd like to see you at 2:30.

He picked up the phone.

That's because there weren't any large carnivores in New Guinea.


What should I do in the meantime?

I'm a responsible person.

Raj has dinner at seven.

I'm tidy.

Barry is a good leader.

My sister studied to be a stenographer. She still uses shorthand sometimes when she takes notes.

Nothing out of the ordinary happened on our trip.


All voices were extinguished in the climax.

I want to be more like you.

The history of the development of aviation is fascinating.

The relative humidity is the difference between the maximum humidity and the actual humidity expressed in percentages.

I don't care what Skip thinks.


Being lucky, he was in time for the train.

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Leif and Harold are very much in love.


I assume there's somebody somewhere who can do what needs to be done.

I wish we could ask Jeffrey that question.

It's hard for an old man to change his way of living.

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I had nothing to say to them.

Please turn the lamp off before you go to bed.

They have also found that the same miscalculation was made in some other cases.

I'm going to need a lift.

His pictures were hung on the wall.


Jaime discovered that Pilar was secretly a talented singer.

What is this abomination?

I couldn't eat anything.

I wonder where Isidore plans to sleep tonight.

I thought you guys had already left.

I get lonely when the cat is outside all day.

I enjoy the way hurdy-gurdy sounds a lot.

Is this jumper machine washable?

She should have followed Chris's advice.


Bill disagreed with his classmates on every subject.

March 14th is Pi day.

Most developers hate debugging; it's more fun to create bugs than to correct them.

It's not until you have met him that you really understand a man.

I like to walk barefoot on the beach through the sand.

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Alastair has been bitten by the love bug.

The workers united to demand higher wages.

"Are there no cakes left?" "I ate them both."

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Let's see who can hold their breath underwater the longest.

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I don't want to go to jail.


Be friendly.

He dropped her a line.

This is a photograph of my home.

We have to get him out of here.

You think too much.

Not everything Ramneek told you is true.

The leaf is falling.

My daughter's slowness to take action is a pain.

Noam wanted Thomas to buy John a birthday present.

I want bread.

The very opposite is the truth.

He went to Europe by way of America.

You're just nervous.


That was my fault.

One of you has not told the truth.

I'm not a soldier anymore.

Leigh couldn't decide what to buy.

I don't care whether she is beautiful or not!


It's very cold now.

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Let's follow the others.

Daniele doesn't often eat out with his family.

I don't want to alarm you.

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Keep me updated.