That can't be. It would have been in the news.

I need to find somebody who can help us.

I'll be at my desk.

Nobody else can enter the building, as it could collapse at any moment.

Make the best of one's lot with fatal resignation.

Even if he doesn't come, we'll have to begin.

Before it's cooked, butternut squash smells like melon.

I don't want to be late for the show.

For a while, I was really addicted to cola and drank it every day.

That couldn't be confirmed.

Sit down on the bench.

What's your favorite German folk song?


I called Jerrie's parents.


Where's Stu hiding?

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Marian does everything he can to save money.

Could you just stand up, please?

The fast and effective solution for finding the job of your dreams!


Imagine an entire world consisting only of metaphor. It wouldn't make sense.

He brought me to the bus stop.

You're Fritz's boss, aren't you?

Can you watch Israel?

Had it not been for your advice he would have been ruined.

Can you bring them back?

He is as diligent a man as ever lived.


He won't say no to a glass of liqueur.


She advised him to exercise.

Sally admitted that she borrowed the scarf but said she was not guilty.

She betrayed her friends for money.

I forget your telephone number.

I have to help Lenora and Herve move a piano.


You cannot have your way in everything.

Danger makes mute.

The accused remains in custody.

All their efforts were in vain.

The glitter of the sun hurts my eyes.

He took the proper steps to meet the situation.

Manny passed away peacefully in his sleep.

Love's pleasure is ephemeral; regret eternal.

Oskar helped everybody.


As the warm days of spring led to summer, a baby bat was born.


Monica showed up late to practice yesterday.

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We've had our problems.

The chicken is overcooked.

He carried off the first prize at the chess tournament.

Pradeep was a competitor.

She shooed him outdoors.

Well, speak of the devil.

Let's learn this sentence by heart.

The bench is there too, isn't it?

What can we learn from a dog? On hot days, drink lots of water and lie under a shady tree.

You drank a beer at lunch today, didn't you?

Betty is watering the flowers.

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We move around a lot.

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Money isn't the only thing that matters.

What is a weed? A plant whose virtues have not yet been discovered.

Gary doesn't deserve to be punished.

Billie forgot his own birthday.

In this area, sandstorms can last up to four days.

Huey and Ken play tennis every afternoon.

Carlo said that he thought Narendra understood.

I don't know if I can do this without you.

Wolfgang told Grant that she was wrong.

We haven't got much time.

He speaks good Japanese, but I cannot speak German.

Rik has found a way to do it.

I hope we didn't keep you waiting.

There must be a rational explanation for this.

Klaus is definitely up to something!

I don't think they actually get much of a discount.

She advised him to stop smoking.

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She saved her children from drowning.

Stephe can ride a horse.

Don't get drunk.

Tharen died fighting for what he believed in.

Jiri has run away from home.


I heard that Stanley is back in town.


I brush her teeth.

Suzan crossed three names off the list.

It's fashionable to have a mobile phone nowadays.

"What happened?" "I'm sad about life."

We want to know if it will be sunny tomorrow.


We gave it our best shot.

I can't help you unless you tell me the truth.

I'm all out of money.

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The verdict was unfavorable.

I worked on it day after day.

He put the key on the desk as usual.

Let's go to lunch together.

Who knows what could happen?

I've been seeking an answer to your question.

I can sell anybody anything.

Neville shouted for help.

Let me get your bags for you.

Poor me.

You're in serious danger.


I know you're busy, but I could use some help.


Chris can't work tomorrow.

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The way they plan to punish Jitendra seems kind of severe.


I think you know what I think.


I don't know if you found one.

It's hard for me to sleep as there's so much noise.

Jin is a very talented singer.


He has the advantage of a good education.

This chair is ugly.

How can you be so confident?

I'm eating roasted peanuts.

I know Jeffrey made you suffer.

Some people keep rare animals as pets.

Clyde went to see what was going on.

He took the kids to the school.

I want a new cellphone!

I didn't do anything at all.

Are they armed?

That house is for rent.

Would you help me post these letters?

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Death, in whatever form, is repulsive.

I started dating her.

I don't think that's the case.


Why is he touring again?

Stop telling me what to do. You're not my mom.

His explanations left me in a daze.


Mr. John's older than I thought.

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The very opposite is the truth.

It's better.

The prince and the jester had a lot in common.


He asked me if everyone was there.

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She introduced herself to them.

I'll call you tomorrow.

We can deal with them.


Pam may need to do that.

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What do you want, anyway?

Nobody is attracted by my country.

It was a tragic accident.

If a coach is on a couch that's on a coach and the latter has a driver, then all is fine. If a coach is on a couch that's on a coach, but the driver drives the former, then the couch is crushed and the coach is dead.

What does that tell us?

He sat next to the stream.

I can't tell you any more, I've already said too much.

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Bob went through many dangers during the war.

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Sorry, but you're in the wrong here.

Sal leaned down to smell the flower.

We saved you a seat.

The girl in a blue coat is my daughter.

I prefer that it stay that way.

The angel then said to him: 'Do not kill your child, nor should your hand stretch out over his neck!'

Destiny is not a fool, it will not make people meet for nothing ...

Two persons were killed when an elevated bike path collapsed in Rio.

I'm afraid that I won't be able to make myself understood in French.

I forgot that today was Saturday.

I'm meeting Eli for dinner. Do want to come?

It wasn't you who told me about this.

Loren narrowed his eyes in disbelief.

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She tried to smile in vain.

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You have no idea how hard I've had to work to get this done.

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If Miriam's mother hadn't meddled in their marriage, Gregory and Eli might still be together.

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Herbert was skeptical.

Pull over right here.

Has the flat got a garden?

Marcel took off on his motorcycle.

He took her cubs, and ran up the mountain without looking back.

The policeman wouldn't let go of the suspect.

Am I really sick?


If all the medicine in the world were thrown into the sea, it would be bad for the fish and good for humanity.