Can I come tomorrow, too?


My belief is that you are right.

English is hard, isn't it?

You're considerate.


We will get to Tokyo Station at noon.

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That fight seemed like a life-or-death struggle.

Newcomers are warned not to ask Eddy whether he really likes stoats that much, since his customary reply to that question is to shout 'OH YES!' at the top of his lungs.

The typhoon caused immeasurable damage.

Please come home right away.

"Hello." "..." "Are you on guard duty again today?" "Yes." "You don't talk much, right?" "No. ...Listen, I am a samurai. People expect noble reservation and iron self-discipline of me. That just leaves no room for small talk..."


Gold is a very expensive metal.


I'd love to see the movie.

This table is made out of wood.

Haven't we seen them before?

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I successfully persuaded her and we went on a date.

Hal is a braggart.

Let me make myself crystal clear.

You sound like someone I used to know.

Laurent asked me if I was busy.

That will be a problem.

You will understand it as time passes.


Would you be willing to show me how to do that?

Where I was yesterday is not your business.

She won no less than ten thousand dollars in a competition.

I'm surprised you remember him.

Celia was hopping mad when he was notified of his sacking by email.

Dustin staggered and fell.

Olaf is about the same age as I am.

Ruth is working on the new plan.

Lyndon didn't tell Ernst how much money he had spent.

The peace negotiations will start this week.

Do you apply some ointment on this wound?

Haven't I seen you somewhere before?

Tolerant walked across the field.

Men are only heroes when they can't avoid acting otherwise.

I am certainly able to beat Len.

What's the special today?

Should I ask Santa for help?

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We should confirm his intentions once more.

Jianyun put his key in the door.

"My goodness, Miles! You look completely tired out!" "I didn't sleep a wink. Ramanan snored again like a champion."


Could you please close that window?

Make a sketch of your house.

Roxie usually eats less than Tanaka does.

Let's call him Snoopy.

staying limber in the office


You shouldn't go out for a few days.

I hope we chat soon.

How much time does it usually take you to eat breakfast?

Melinda doesn't have to come if he doesn't want to.

Thomas is in a mental institution.

The strange thing about money is that it can limit one's behaviour.

My parents died in a traffic accident when I was thirteen years old.

I've come to bring them a gift.

Do you have any pictures I can look at?


I plan to go to America next year.


I don't associate with those people.

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We don't have a solution.

Can you keep quiet?

When the chickens are flat as pancakes, then again the tractor must have been faster than them.

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You should remember that.

The star of the show was Tiefenthal.

It feels pretty amazing.

Mr Wilson is angry with Dennis.

After the war most of the highways were in urgent need of repair.

I don't know one single English word.

Root received a microscope for his birthday.


Apply some ice to the injured area to reduce swelling.


You make me sick.


We were in the middle of lunch when he gave me a ring.

My sweet darling, I miss you so much.

Now I'm going to cook, I'll be back later.


Is this your notebook?

This really happened.

Scientists haven't found a vaccine for cancer yet.


Thus goes the Bible.

Everyone looked for the missing kid.

Miles Davis was an American jazz musician.


My father was son of Argentines and my mother was daughter of Brazilians.

I want some privacy.

Earle lit the candle with a match.


Science can be dangerous when applied carelessly.

This is odd.

I'll tell you more.

I wish I were wrong.

Mohammad came here to ask us to help him.

Are you speaking English?

By the time our mother came, we had cleaned our room.

"I saw an alien!" shrieked Randolph. "Really?" quipped Piotr.

Was Sandeep faster than Pilot?

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Celeste is not afraid to ruffle some feathers.

That's not even close to the way it happened.

I can't imagine life without you.

Come and look at this!

Our party will resist to the bitter end.

The new computer is ten times faster than the old.

Frank majored in sociology at university.


One does not look a gift horse in the mouth.

I watched him.

Listen carefully and do what I tell you to do.

I thought I told you never to call me.

We've got to fight fire with fire!

It cost $30.

He isn't actually the manager.


He said that he would let us know later about the results of the examination.

Factory waste has polluted the sea.

Did you know Myrick was lonely?

This horse ran well at every Naadam.

Janos probably didn't notice that Marcia was there.

I have just arrived. I haven't even unpacked my bags.

You've been practicing, haven't you?

I'm glad I'm not going to be there.

He put up a brave and lone struggle, but up against such heavy odds he couldn't get his business plan accepted.

Let's give it one more try.

It must be James.


She put her hands on his shoulders.

I'm jittery.

The apple tastes sweet.

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I've been waiting for this for months.

Amedeo and Alexis wanted to talk about old times.

So much for today's work.

"I don't feel like drinking today." "Come on, it's my birthday!"

That'd be fun.

It's the most addicting game I have ever played.

What did Matthieu just say?


I'd feel better if you weren't going there alone.

Are your parents going to be home?

When I was a kid, I often went to the beach to go swimming.

There was nothing for me to do but mount the horse.

He lives as if he were a millionaire.


What's your impression, doctor?


I ordered some coffee from room service.

Metin was positive that the camera Joachim had was his, but it wasn't.

What's your status?

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Bicycles keep to the left in Japan.


All was still in the woods.

Jesus is very good at changing the subject.

Mother is preparing supper.

This has to be what we're looking for.

Read chapter four by Friday.

I don't want to shoot you, but I will if I have to.

This year, my Grade-Point Average is better than yours!

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An analysis of the nature of the heat island phenomenon and countermeasures.

Today was different.

Real moved.

A Mr. Ito wants to see you.

I knew I'd run into Frederick at the conference.

Who would know that?

Gail doesn't want to lie to Donovan.

We are all eager to know the truth.

Hurry up or we'll miss the train!

He was brave.

A big red fish is swimming about in the pond.

They threw spears at us.

Working to excess will do you harm.

The senators were praising my act.

Vicki didn't believe what he heard.

Stop them.

Alexander and Hsuan spent the summer together.


I never leave home without it.

Siegurd loves that.

Glen will probably never recover.


Can you make sense of this poem?

Don't write on the books stored in library

Piercarlo seems to know the secret.