Ramanan is hardly a child.


Many languages use English words.


Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.

Ken is the taller of the two.

It's best if you do everything he says.

The temperature on Mars can be very, very cold.

If you were an animal, what would you be?


The boy is mad for a bicycle.


I want to go talk to Luis.

I come from Europe.

We were like family.


I reached out and tapped his shoulder.


I woke up at eleven.

Our stay has been very pleasant.

Boston is a wonderful city.

I'm only too happy to help.

When I was a child, our house seemed bigger than now.

What could possibly happen?

May I have your attention, please?

Len never recovered completely.

I'm just trying to help.

Are you following me?

You shouldn't have written that.


We can make it.

Come inside. It's cold outside.

The dish fell on the floor with a crash.

In Harbin, many people invite me to their homes to have dinner.

You may bill the foot only if you are a podiatrist, otherwise, you may just foot the bill.

He that is discontented in one place will seldom be happy in another.

I have a job that pays well.

The handle of the cup has broken off.

I'm not going to do anything about it.

I don't believe that's true.

The teacher made all of his female students fall in love with him.

I've already said no.

Sid took a step toward Mayo.

In swimming pools, water is continuously pumped through a filter.

At first their abilities are more limited than those of animals.

If only you knew how much I do to keep this roof over our heads.

Spike has a photographic memory.

The evidence corresponds to his previous statement.

Pete had something to do with that.

Tell me about your project.

Fresh Reader, three times more interesting than Twitter (IMO)


Yesterday I finished learning Esperanto on Duolingo.

If you get that job, the world will be your oyster.

She did nothing but grieve over her husband's death.


In his early days he was known as a great pianist.

Erick is able to speak French.

He told me about it in private.


Don't be condescending.

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Put that down!

Eduardo's car was going southbound on Park Street when it was T-boned by a car that ran a red light.

You can't do that anymore.

He expressed regret over the affair.

You must pay attention to every minute detail from now on.


That's not so.

Our teacher really stands on ceremony, doesn't she?

We should have turned right.

I can't picture Ed in a dress.

I want a new contract.

My friend fancies you.

She's just going through a phase.


Irvin is untalented.

I think I should put on some clothes.

Wolfgang didn't know that at the time.

I hurt my thumb doing a handspring.

Mike has two girl friends.

What's that you have in your left hand?

I wish to go abroad.


Why didn't you bring an umbrella?

Kathy was quite nervous.

Doctor Smith has many patients.

We are not born for ourselves.

The man's name is Ron.


They communicate with each other often by mail.

You seem to want me to talk you out of doing that.

You should apologize.

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On many occasions I do not agree with him.


A midnight telephone call gives us both shock and displeasure.


You have only three minutes left.

Stop screaming.

I faxed a map to her.

(860) 520-4812

The company was founded in Boston in 2013.

We'll do something.

Will this year be different?

The water of this sea is black.

He's young, but he's very wise.

They are all very hungry.

Vietnamese is not a hard language to learn.

She washes lettuce.

Such a strange thing is not likely to happen.

I had to send him home.

If I did that, everyone would think I was crazy.

I didn't realize what time it was.

No one could solve the problem after all.

My grandpa is a lively and good humoured man.

It almost worked.

That's going to take more time than we have.

We have nothing to complain about.

If you happen to be out this way, be sure to call in at my house.

I don't have enough money to buy the medicine my father needs.

Roderick wants to tell you about Jakob.

Milner said it was unfair.

I've tried it and it works like a dream.

You've never done that before, have you?

Hugh thinks that looks are more important than personality.

I'm really curious how the two of you met.

We must leave you.

Her only hobby is collecting stamps.

If you translate from your second language into your own native language, rather than the other way around, you're less likely to make mistakes.

I'm your partner.


Better late than never.

Peter takes after his mother more than his father.

"Are you making a snowman?" "No, I'm making a snow woman."

He couldn't pass the entrance examination.

I give you my word.

This is the absolute best.

Go ahead to the end of the street.

Dan found a dead body in the woods.

We thought it doubtful whether it would clear soon.

Miltos wasn't looking where he was going.

I didn't say I would help you.

Keith stayed to clean up.

Kees said you were having problems with your car.

It's a habit you can break.

Did you and Patrice go on lots of trips together?


Come on, Bart. That's basic math.


This applies to many people.


The exposition is dedicated to photographs of ideal, natural, and grotesque bodies; conceives of sexuality as a part of existence; and presents photographed sexual practices, desires, and phantasms.

Tell Stuart I'll be there in three minutes.

I have to fire Jayant.


What did Taurus think Yvonne would say?

I love your top.

Kenton was 13 years old at that time.

I'm thirty.

Is Darren going to get out of prison any time soon?

Keep watch on that man.

Roberto came across Milo on his way to school.

Three pedestrians were victims of an accident.

However, I can't help noticing, at this moment, that at first glance it seems inevitable that the shark will devour the man.

There is a serious lack of language teachers in Tel Aviv.

This should be useful.

How are you learning Esperanto?

I tried to make friends.

"Have you ever seen Heinrich with a handbag?" "Roman? No, never."

Murat is well liked by his students.

I'm knackered!

What you said convinced them.


I asked her to go to a movie with me.


He was assertive by nature.

Can your mom drive a car?

Figaro invited us to his marriage, but we were late and when we arrived everyone had left a long time ago.

The front door won't open.

I'd better ask Rupert and see what he thinks.


She went to the cinema with him.

"We need to talk." "I don't need to talk to you anymore."

We collect plastic bottles.

Why is everyone laughing?

Frank fell in love with Germany.

It's quite natural that you should think about marriage.

Everyone wants something.

The driver said that the first bus starts at 6:00 a.m.

He who pays the piper calls the tune.

I didn't tell you something.

While one reviewer savaged the novel as the "irritating noodlings of a teen-age sociologist", a more sympathetic reviewer thought it "funny and offhandedly brilliant".

Kevin was stuck in a crowded elevator.

Jason is wearing low-rise jeans.

I think you should be quiet.

I have enough money to buy it.

Which is more important, me or Tatoeba?

Where can I mail these letters?