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It looks like the second floor is a banquet hall.

Kikki did it all by himself.

So what are you suggesting?


Don't you want to stay here with us?


Stanislaw was too tired to speak.

Is it mandatory?

I unfortunately did not have another choice.

He'll not live to make old bones.

This isn't going to end well, I feel it!

Vick missed Kemal.

Please come by 2:30.


What is it with you, Kirsten?

If I had 25% more income, I'd be more satisfied with my life.

Are you looking for somebody?

Thanks to the nice person who showed me this thread.

I will know the people of the country better.

Sue is very upset by what happened.

You're not joking, are you?

We have to lighten the load.

I tied their shoes together.

I don't feel like speaking German.

He was elected to the Senate in 2008.


I'd never let that happen.

When Marisol saw the kitchen, she hit the roof.

Hein's favorite color is blue.

You must make a clean breast of what you saw at that time.

This ought to cheer you up.

He was in despair when he spent the last of his money.

"Why are you grinning like that?""That high school girl we just passed is really cute."


You can blame that on me.

Kamel forgot to do what he was supposed to do.

And nobody helped you?

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I'll wait and see.

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I might talk to Hillel.


Cats usually hate dogs.

They won't have a chance.

He hid his sadness behind a smile.

Take turns.

Kyle and Deirdre are in the library.

I'm not unsympathetic.

It's missing.

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I could really use your help.

It is no wonder that he failed.

Claudia's health has declined a lot recently.

Islamic culture has given us majestic arches and soaring spires; timeless poetry and cherished music; elegant calligraphy and places of peaceful contemplation.

She's short of money to continue her studies.


Why do you look so worn out?

Edwin wishes to speak with me.

Volcanic eruptions in Tonga have created a new island.

My granddaughter has a lot of skill at taking pictures.

Francisco has gotten a lot taller since the last time I saw him.

I just turned thirty.

She's in love with a man who loves her.


Ferns won't grow in such a dry place.

Would you care to elaborate?

Max used to tell me everything.

You know her.

Who brought you?


Does anybody here trust him?

Sri helped us paint the fence.

We moved last year.

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What's in the box?

My name is not Kuzey.

The jury found the defendant guilty.

Manuel began to feel hot under the collar.

It was so hot in the stadium that I thought I was going to pass out.

Mystery novels are loved by a lot of people.

No has always had that problem.

If you want more details about that, you'll have to ask my boss.

She speaks German.

Can you tell us what you're wearing?

Rudolph never falls.

What do you think Connie will want to do?

I'll tell you when I find out what's going on.

We sleep seven hours a night on average.

The Senate decreed that a new consul be chosen and the country be delivered from the enemies.


My father has never been abroad.

I still have a lot to learn.

Julianto will notify Brooke.


He is a tall boy for his years.


I don't read newspapers much.

Mike is at home. His house is very comfortable.

All the accepted notions and prejudices about flesh being pink.

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There are fresh tracks in the snow.

He tried the experiment again and again.

She bought the dress on impulse.

Duncan can't possibly do that by himself.

Tal is looking at himself in the mirror.

Even Celia doesn't do that anymore.

I have better things to do with my time.

I thought you were going to come over last night.

He caught a terrible cold.

I speak Arabic.

I struck up an acquaintance with him.

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Will you please explain the meaning of this sentence to me?


Andrew Johnson had to flee his home to save his life.

The torrential rain did quite a bit of damage.

It's very difficult to transport them overland, but simple to do so by sea.

I want that later.

I'm looking forward to your visit during summer vacation.

Very soon we will usher in a new year.

Great artists have no country.


He was perplexed.


I thought it might be better to tell you now instead of later.

They come by train there.

We stood talking for half an hour.

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I had a twenty dollar bill but I lost it.

While there are some people who use the Internet to learn foreign languages, there are others, living on less than a dollar a day, who cannot even read their own language.

That's a stupid thing to say.

A lot of sugar cane is grown in Cuba.

He wants me to help him with a school project.

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Women are the most beautiful part of a man's life.


When you expect to get something for nothing, the only person you're fooling is yourself.


Seymour and Peter carpool to work.

Good morning. How are you?

I've forgotten his name.

I heard the news about Marvin.

I take a walk for exercise at least three times a week.

There are people who have a lot of excess

They intended to drill for oil.

This salad is not sour enough.

This is the first time I've ridden a horse.

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Let me be the judge of that.

What are you doing in a place like this?

I must get up as early as I can tomorrow morning.

You should apologize to her.

I saw him earlier.


The wedding is less than three months away.


Those who missed the test must take it tomorrow.

Let us daydream!

I wonder what's for dinner.

Can't we wait until tomorrow to do this?

We are very interested.

Instead of being esteemed for these discoveries, he was sentenced to renounce them, or the opinions resulting from them, as a damnable heresy.

Christina wasn't gone long.

Why don't you just go back and talk to Thomas?

The fog was so thick that I couldn't see where I was going.


Does Ronald get on well with other people?

Her library has 3,500 books and includes many first editions.

Let's not talk about it any more.

Ever since we've been wearing clothes, we haven't known one another.

Our children's education set us back quite a lot.

The first and the simplest emotion which we discover in the human mind is Curiosity.

Please put your shoes in the shoebox when you take them off.


I know this woman.


Buzz off.

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The professor dismissed his ideas.

They're all chasing Clarissa.

I want you to follow me.


I believe in many different spooky things.


He did nothing but complain about his job.


Can anyone tell me the time?

Today is his coronation day.

We would be happy to send our book to you when it is published.

Don't respond.

We always see Rich when we go to Boston.


I wanted my parents to be at my wedding, but they refused to come.

Laurie warned me about you.

I expect you to be ready by 2:30.

I was careless.

Though it is poor in natural resources, Japan has become an economic superpower thanks to international trade.


I'm going to have a heavy day.