Things could be worse.

I have a confession.

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I still have some homework to do.

She is beloved by everyone.

Let me finish my sentence.

He is very nice. He never speaks ill of others.

Marius says: "Romulus is the founder of Rome."

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Teruyuki couldn't think about anything else.

Van's coffee mug is next to Venkata's.

After work, I'm going to exercise.

I'm here to assist you.

My room is on the fourth floor.

I was quite shocked by this.

Johnny couldn't fall asleep.

I'll give it to her.

You didn't tell me Grant was so handsome.

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Let me tell you what I see.

Leave Gypsy alone.

I'll give him a piece of advice.

The man washing the car is Mr Jones.

He was interested in only the pursuit of wealth.


My friends urged me to write my memoirs.

Give my regards to her.

Who are you here to see?

I'd like three tickets, please.

Naresh is making money off us.

I think Matthieu lied to us.

How would you translate this sentence, Joachim?

I used to sleep in a trundle bed when I would visit my aunt and uncle.

Herbert speaks almost no French.

Major can't be fired.

Only then did I see the danger we were in.

Why do you have a house in Germany and another one in Turkey?

I greatly appreciate your efforts during our festival.


Hector and Starbuck look worried.

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All of my things are gone.

Judith picked up the cat.

Santa stared blankly at the ceiling.

I didn't know him at that time.

Come in for a minute.

The exam was very difficult.

I told you it was funny.

How is it in the market?

You're over-thinking this.

Silence is the only answer to a fool.

Farouk needed training.


I propose replacing "Drew and Saiid" with "Pancras and Petunia."

One police officer suffered minor injuries.

Advertising sells products over the air.

The witness sees the citizen.

I hope you and Kanthan will like it here.

Hazel doesn't know whether it's new or not.

It was a purchase which he could not possibly afford.

It removes misunderstandings.

Thanks for the offer, though.

It isn't over yet.

You'll be safe with me.


I know I can count on you all.

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I think it strange that Alice should keep silence for such a long time.

Is this a South African accent you have got?

What was Pilot's problem with that?


Raphael gasped in pain.

Mechael couldn't find a job.

I spent the rest of the night beside her.

There is another option.

Bonnie was an electrical engineer.

In order to alleviate employment pressures, the nation has established a series of relevant policies.

I thought it would be an opportunity for you to improve your French.


You had better see the cloth with your own eyes.

No one's perfect.

I try to read at least a few pages a day.

Paul has never cut his own children's hair.

Send them a thank-you note for their hospitality.

All TV news are partial.

Olaf tried to remember what Franklin had told him.

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The next thing to be considered was food.

When was the last time you had a steady job?

The baby cannot walk yet.

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We're still waiting for the wedding cake to be delivered.

Aside from that, is there anything else you want?

Cindy is just getting cold feet.

Randy was born blind.

I didn't mean to yell.

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I had a talk with her.

Did you speak with her?

She was fascinated.


Your kids need to know the truth.

We don't have tea.

Do you have an iron I can borrow?

Those wrote the report all by himself.

Tony was always there for me.


This song makes me think of when I was young.

We knew you could do it.

I have completely recovered.

Yes. We'll visit a factory which produces television sets.

That shirt is inappropriate.

I'll never go out with Pratap again.

This book is designed to teach children how to read.

Granville may be old, but he's in good shape.

Who was it that read my diary while I was out?

Your grandmother meant a lot to you, didn't she?

I think Victor should be warned.

The book is on the table.

What's their story?

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Philippe watched the team practice.

Srinivas's boss demands a lot of work.

I can't keep living like this.

He is not rich any more than I am.

He won the prize this day week.

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Is it safe to stay here?

We have nothing to talk about.

Brazil is comprised of twenty-six states.

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I enjoy the way hurdy-gurdy sounds a lot.


That plan came to nothing.

Olaf might come to visit next weekend.

I think you're having a better time than you want to admit.

This dictionary is adapted for high school students.

Maybe I should've told her.

You get paid a lot, don't you?

My idea of that place is not very clear.

The oldest of us is called Mikko.

Give Raphael some space.

Why can't you just do it?

The cost of gasoline keeps on going up.


Jun asked Hurf what she was afraid of.

Sharada doesn't think Kathleen would be willing to lend him her guitar.

She let out a cry of joy. She wanted to jump at the doll wrapped in the packaging.

The man took my arm.

He's known to appear sluggish.

Do you have a mental health problem? You're always following me around. You're an adult so be more independent.

They say golf is like life, but don't believe them. Golf is more complicated than that.

As for me, I like chicken better than pork.

I want a notebook.

I talked a long time, and I managed to make her believe me.

Did you know that Jianyun has never learned to drive?

I just felt like coming home.

Erwin has finally realized that he's been doing it the wrong way.

We went sightseeing in Hokkaido.

I felt that the plan was unwise.

We're going back to Boston this summer.

It's her favorite language.

We've done what we can for him.

Would it really have made any difference if I'd been there?

I think he is something of a poet.

Dan gave Linda all the money he had saved up.

This machine is of great use.

Most of the suspects have been arrested.

The dreadful fire shall be hot to many.

Janet's schedule is insane.

They fooled me.

Klaudia rested his hand on my shoulder.

Have you spent a lot of time in Boston?

The new model was larger, faster and more refined than its predecessor.

I'd like seats on the first floor.

Manjeri did that.

Kuldip didn't know where Matti wanted to spend her summer vacation.

His lie weighed on his conscience.

Life would be so much better if you didn't care so much.

The cat went through the boards.

Dan and Linda started to date.

Driving on an icy street is a dangerous business.

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Should I go talk to Brooke?

These shoes hurt me.

You can catch more flies with honey than with vinegar.


That's why elderly people love you.

With this, today's activities come to a close.

I was really impressed with it.


He had a bad time.

Please don't stand.

Pat seems a bit depressed this morning.

I want you to put out that cigarette.

Kevan is doing a nice job.


I see that it is raining.


What kind of things do you usually eat?