Where am I now?

Everyone charged with a penal offence has the right to be presumed innocent until proved guilty according to law in a public trial at which he has had all the guarantees necessary for his defence.

There are many beautiful castles in northern Germany.

You're who I need now.


I like this kind of apple.

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It is not important whether we win the game or not.

She was not at all upset by the news.

You could never do that.

Did he fail again?

I saw him yesterday morning.

You're not welcome here anymore.

I don't always follow instructions.


He is rich enough to buy a foreign-made car.


Both Syed and Miriam are over thirty.

I told her not to do that.

I can't wait to finish.

Did you see anyone on the beach?

The volcano erupts at regular intervals.


If you leave it up to others to deal with all the things that you don't know how to do, you'll never learn how to do these things yourself.

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We're pretty happy.

As in the Bible, man may not be always perfect.

Japanese plays an important role in promoting peace in the world.

You must observe the law.

He appeared as a pinch hitter in the game.

This restaurant has pilaf, remember?

I was thrown out of the house bag and baggage.

It'll pass in a few days.

I will serve you as an escort.


The village was dead after sunset.

Keep away from her.

Would you please help me translate this?

Why are you so smart?

Theodore only loved Sergei for money.

The boy took no notice of his father's advice.

We ate sandwiches, cake and so on.

I could have died.

All science is experiential; but all experience must be related back to and derives its validity from the conditions and context of consciousness in which it arises, i.e. the totality of our nature.

Everyone knows I'm Space's girlfriend.

He denied the facts.

He's making a mountain out of a molehill. That typo really isn't as bad as he claims.

You may not remember me, but I remember you.

I'll let you off this time, but I don't ever want to catch you stealing again.

Rajesh started the coffee brewing, then checked his email.

I forgot to do something that needed to be done.

Nothing stays the same.

Of all the features that attract home buyers, location is probably the most important.

I joined a Spanish course. It starts next week.

Take some bottles of water to the meeting room.

I just had to see this for myself.

I had a heart attack.

He was bribed by the policeman?! Impossible!

What we really want is some more free time.

That is completely irrelevant.

Please read and criticize my new book.

This is an abomination.


We're correct.

Kazuhiro took his reading glasses off.

I'm surprised Edgar's still alive. I thought he would've drunk himself to death years ago.

Do you expect me to lie for you?

My mother works at an office.


What difference would that make?


I know what you're looking for is still in there.

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He felt himself being lifted up.

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Don't let what he said get to you. He was just getting back at you for what you said.

We used to play games like tag.

I don't think that it would have worked between me and her.

Bjorne teaches us French.

He disappeared in the crowd.

My country is the world, and my religion is to do good.

Erwin made peace with Svante.


The laws oblige all citizens to pay taxes.

Ram lives next door to us.

I had a phone call from a girl.

I think Kenn knows why Randy isn't here.

Kyle should be able to do that.

We'll stay with them.

Take hold of the rope.

A tiny object moved in the dark.

She enjoyed herself at the party yesterday.

He sings soprano.

I'll buy a gift for her.

Mats and Victoria grew up together.

That could happen.

I'm talking about her.

It left at two, reaching Rome at four.

I invited them to breakfast.

Win said he wasn't feeling well.

They both turned and looked at Kayvan.

Don't scratch your mosquito bite. It'll get inflamed.

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Did you find your purse?

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Merat danced alone on the deck.

It's just going to take a while.

We've been over that.

Please give me a receipt.

Why don't I do that?


I never made a mistake.

You're a slob.

I took advantage of my business trip to see the sights of Paris.


Jeannette spends less time studying French than I do.


Can you tell us your name?


I didn't let them know.

He was elected chairman.

Pilot is counting on Vishal's help.

Would you like to come?

I know where he lives.

I don't usually dress like this.

He can speak French and English.

Shaw set the alarm clock to go off 6:00 a.m.

Are you saying this doesn't matter?

I believe in rising early.

The American ships were stopped and searched in British waters.

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Jisheng was waiting inside his cabin.

Louise didn't have to work last Monday.

She looked at him with hatred.

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He still depends on his parents.


That wouldn't happen today.

It happened that she was taking a bath.

I didn't expect you to be here.

Conrad is part of a large family.

Gregor seems very happy.

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We didn't have school today.

I told Ravindran to relax.

Needless to say, we were very tired by the end of the day.

Antony is like me.

I watched the movie.

I fell in love with her on first sight.

Marek didn't poison Saqib.

I think that you're not studying enough.

He's arrogant and selfish.

You can't do that to Caleb.

Dorian learned how to swim two years ago.

What's Eduardo's dog called?

Light travels faster than sound.


She doesn't always translate the real answer.

I'm not going to fire you.

Why not talk to her about it directly?

The show's Wednesday.

He has no less than 100 dollars.


Judith bent over to pick up a coin that was on the floor.

She was completely taken in by his smile.

Sprinkle sugar on when they are baked.

We missed our train.

It is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change.

Kristi lost no time in parting with the money.

Information will be provided on a need-to-know basis.

I don't want you to get the wrong impression.

I'd really appreciate it if you'd try to be on time from now on.

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I have the dictionary.


It's not anyone's fault.

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This jacket somehow doesn't go with this skirt.

He is very much concerned about the future of his son.

I want these people out of here.

The plane turned sharply to the right just before it crashed.

She doesn't understand sarcasm.

Pria is writing a letter to his best friend.

We're out of stock.

We should change something.

Walter shouldn't tell Lorien anything about his past.


Release him!

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Vladimir and Trey went skiing in the Alps.


Why don't you follow Carol's example?

It would be a mistake not to do what Frederick asked you to do.

Will isn't a good person.

Vicky wondered how long it would take Darci to finish the job.

Your mother loves me.

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She wants that.


I'm trying to get my children back.