For me, it is important.

I let the opportunity pass.

Choose the right word!

Which one would you recommend?

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At what time will they come for me?

She met somebody who many people meet.

Both Masanao and Ninja now live in Boston.

Believe what you wish.

The police told me not to leave town.


Andre can stay here if he's willing to do some of the chores.

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At last, I caught up with my friends.

When Donnie woke up, Jock was taking a shower.

I hate getting my hair cut.


There you go, you've now finished college.

Jinny knows we aren't happy.

Aw, sorry you missed the show.

I'm afraid you'll have to go in person.

Death is Nature's remedy for all things.

A lot of people attended Gail's funeral.

What did you think of the show?

Manjeri motioned for me to leave.

Sue is easygoing.

Jeanne is fascinating and mysterious.

I believed him to be in good health.


Oskar has done more than anyone else.

That could've been embarrassing.

I wouldn't be so sure.

He contributed a lot of money to the hospital.

Fred promised me that he wouldn't tell anyone.


The prisoner who escaped two days ago is still at large.

Let me show you what I bought today.

Show Marci your hands.

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Both sides have pros and cons, therefore I will not decide yet which one I will support.


"I was talking to Bruce Cruise once (a really close friend of mine), and I was telling him about the latest antics of my pal Charlie Sheen. We sat there talking for about an hour when I got a call from Jay Leno. He wanted me to be on his show next week. I was pretty busy, but I told Jay I would find time in my schedule for his show. Oh, I have to be off." "Here are your bags and change, sir." "Thanks." "Thank you, sir, have a great day."

Do you have a special menu for vegetarians?

She came up from goodness knows where.

I can afford to be patient.

You were right.

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We worked hard to make ends meet.

I'm not going back to Boston.

I have a meeting in fifteen minutes.

The man does the laundry, not the woman.

This show needs to come back.


I can assure you about that.

You need a miracle.

Doors open when you're friendly.

Francois claims he was once abducted by aliens.

Can anyone verify that?


They would arm administrators with so much detailed and up to date information.


Moore thought he'd have all the time he needed.

You drove a truck.

Do I look old?

Fritz is a fussy eater.

The news was suppressed for the time being.

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I'm not sure I have enough time to help you.

Ofer did everything within his power to save the children that were trapped in the burning building.

Martin always keeps his room neat.


She married a hotshot lawyer from New York.

Not only was their sheer amount stunning, but also the size of every individual one: magnificent pumpkins, as far as the eye could see.

I was just closing up.

There's something we need to discuss.

Better leave it!

What's your impression of them?

A person like Ira probably knows how to speak French.

Who took me here?

They're very likely to arrive next week.

Siping looked through the window at the street.

Who will you eat dinner with tonight?

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Give me that one.

Roy asked Raghu what she was looking for.

I think this is really exciting.

Whoever wants to come will be welcomed.

Saify asked Taurus to quit smoking.


James finally fessed up to stealing money from the tip jar.

Rajarshi searched Bjorne's room.

I was compelled to hold a strap.

We're married now.

You can make yourself heard even from here.

She's a fox.

Dorothy rubbed his hands together.

She called him bad names.

That man is a criminal. Don't trust him.

I made this kennel by myself.

This is a very interesting story.


Don't tell me anything you don't want Jared to know.

They regarded him as their leader.

All sweaters of this type are out of stock now. We'll order them from the main store in Tokyo.

It isn't raining much this year.

I'm going to change and I'll be back.


She works as a nurse in the local hospital.


I've seen several accidents in front of my house.

I'll catch the next flight.

I ran into Tuna the other day.

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Why do you want to know what we are thinking about?

I expect her back by six o'clock.

There was blood.

Do not speak for others.

Tollefsen drank three cocktails.

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I wish I hadn't married him.

He's desperate.

He baked her a red cake shaped like a heart.

I had a nagging sensation that I'd seen him somewhere before.

Andrea kicked Pontus in the groin.

His knowledge of Russian can, to be polite, still be improved.

Francis has his reasons for not doing that.

You really have a severe myopia.

This is a true story.


Do you ever do that?

Sjaak looks a little upset.

I had no idea Cynthia knew French.

I'm your conscience.

We've got to hide.

At the moment we are planning our future work.

Why would Vicki come back now?

I said I couldn't do it.

He is not a doctor but a teacher.

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Today's my grandson's birthday.

He became sick and they laid him on a bench.

She's very fast.


In short, all died out.


It's been a long night.

We are so busy we'd take any help we could get.

The need for theoretical and practical preparation is obvious.

Case is much more experienced than me.

Do you like to write?


Joni loves puzzles.

We decided to give it a go.

We're aware of what's going on.

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Take wisdom from the mouths of crazy people.

This island is a paradise for children.

Do not drink on an empty stomach.

We've stopped it.

She was consumed with ambition.


It'll be great.

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We have five days to go before the summer vacation.

I can always sleep wherever I am.

We asked many persons about the new store, but no one had heard of it.

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We had so much fun cooking.

He's such a schmuck. He does nothing but kvetch.

I have a friend who works for NASA.


The almanac was very useful.

Food costs money.

It was his narrative that bored me to death.

Watch where you put your feet.

This is for you, I think.

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She replied that she would be happy to come.

Singapore is extremely rich.

You're no fun anymore.

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It's not what I wanted to say.


Denis is used to this kind of thing.

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Dave is going to be heartbroken.


I don't know whether I'll be able to attend tomorrow's meeting.

I can't see it either.

I wish that Raphael would just go away.


I also work at the weekend.

Radek sat on the window sill.

Kristen should've worked harder.

Maurice stormed into the office.

Do you want to tell Stuart?

Just pretend you don't know me.

Look at the baby sleeping in the cradle.

Stacy never seems to get upset no matter what Alison does.

Pass me the pen.