Don't rush on my account.

She went down to the fifth floor.

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He acted on my advice.

She told him "Nice job!" He answered "No big deal."

The rule of the road must be strictly observed.

I have something very important to tell Rebecca.

Hadn't you spoken English?

Let's hope Revised will have the sense to do that.

Are you a good cook?

He's out cold.

On Monday, his condition improved slightly.

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This is a Turkish tradition.

I want to find a box for this.

Robbin doesn't hate you, Stefan.

I can sense how upset you are.

He's an idiot sometimes, but I still like him.

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You're methodical.

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Do Japanese children really paint the sun red?

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He's just self-centered.

Children reflect the family atmosphere.

"Close your eyes for a minute," Louiqa whispered. Triantaphyllos closed her eyes and Samuel gave her a gentle kiss on the lips.


I'm repairing the house.

I find it difficult to give speeches in French.

Every truth has two sides; it is as well to look at both, before we commit ourselves to either.


Little Kay is really with the Snow Queen, but he finds everything there so much to his taste and his liking, that he believes it is the finest place in the world; but this is because he has a piece of broken glass in his heart, and a little piece of glass in his eye. These must be taken out, or he will never be a human being again, and the Snow Queen will retain her power over him.


I told myself I could do it.

I'm here to rescue her.

When did Joni say Michiel would come?

"How serious is Jacques's sickness?" - "We should fear the worst."

Take them out of here.

He doesn't want to go; neither do I.

We tried to get them to help us.


I still think we should've stayed home.

He was granted permission to go home early.

She is among the best artists of today.

The most incredible thing about miracles is that they happen.

Henry shouted at Jesus.

He gave an account of his trip.

It turned out great.

You know almost everything about me.

We stayed there on our honeymoon.


The thing that left the biggest impression from China, is the Chinese food.


Is there anything you want me to get you?

What are you not telling me?

Thad and Carlo were sitting side by side.

Alexander was a great conqueror.

Do you have any problem with that?


Andrea wants us to follow him.

Maybe we can help Lee.

I'm not sure we're doing the right thing.

I passed the information on to him.

Get back into your car.

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I regret not having studied harder at school.

It's been a long time since I've thought about Suwandi.

I can't cook as well as Roxanne does.

To lose faith in God is to lose your points of reference.

I'm surprised you remember them.


What's the best way to keep yourself from yawning?

There is a lot of snow on the roof.

Arnold is looking for an easy way to lose weight.

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Relative to other courses I've taken, this one is pretty easy

I've made some mistakes.

There are a lot of interesting books in German and French.

Why was Stu expelled from school?

I've been here for three months.

Cory led the way, followed by Maureen, and then John.

I haven't seen Debi since.

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This phone is not working as it should.


New blankets were distributed to the poor.


Patrice gave a sigh of relief.

Troy gave his dog something to eat.

Rajarshi is inflexible, isn't he?

He was crying with pain when he broke his leg.

I'm afraid I may not be able to help you tomorrow.

I would stay here with you if I could.

Real was a manager until 2010 when Monica took over the lead.

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He had not been employed by the company two years before his linguistic abilities were recognized.

None of the old trees survived the fire.

She takes private piano lessons.

We stayed around the bonfire telling jokes and horror histories.

We aren't sure what to do.

Sue said he had a cold.

There was a knock at the door.

Please drop in on us.

I don't have a sister.

They demanded a higher salary.

I found him riding a bicycle in the park.

Laurence didn't want to kiss Arthur.

The cat is meowing.

Experts have offered three possible explanations.

I know exactly what it means.

That gave me a lot of pleasure.

You had breakfast, didn't you?

They should be ignored.

Woody thinks he can succeed where others have failed.

Technology has differentiated our cultures.

I bet you're talking about Lynn.

I don't know about you, but I think it's cold.

She went to the hairdresser's to have her hair done.

She looked excited.

There's a little whiskey in this bottle.

There's no way to translate it.

I promise to leave you alone.


Felix's dog isn't allowed in the house.

She specially loved roses, and therefore she possessed the most beautiful varieties of this flower.

Bring a bucket of apples.

Susumu is worried about being sued.

You should get some rest.

Both were unconscious.

I might know somebody that could help you.


I haven't spoken to her.


The wind is blowing violently.

Man lives in communities such as cities and countries.

I'm not afraid of cold, but I can't stand heat.

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He is going to school on a bus.

I can't leave Mikael here.

I could be mistaken.


We're going to kill them.


I've just now finished doing my French homework.

Jakob didn't really expect Gary to answer his question.

They abandoned us in the most disgraceful manner.

They were members of the local governments.

In 1974, the Nobel Prize in physics was jointly awarded to astronomers Antony Hewish and Sir Martin Ryle. Antony Hewish was honored for the discovery of pulsars. Many have argued that Jocelyn Bell Burnell should have shared that honor.

Car accidents are the leading cause of death for teenagers in the United States.

I don't know the word "impossible".

What do you think I should do now?

Sofia liked that.

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I just spoke with your doctor.


He's a wonderful guy.


Don't sneak up on me like that.

I have to hide.

Cyrus thinks people shouldn't eat in public.

Then the motor suddenly died.

He will find the bus stop easily.

Floyd was wounded by a bullet.

Kamiya told No he thought she was an idiot.

Manolis is dying in the hospital.

I wish everybody else had the same opinion.

I saw Jessie standing there.

Do you want to come along with us?

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I thought Roberta would know how to do that.

I spoke to the actress herself.

Donna called the office to say that he'd be late.

We need to cut Irfan some slack.

Did you really call in sick?

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He asked his father to take him to the store.

Are you excited of being in Italy for the first time?

I think Masanobu is telling the truth.

Forming a cabinet is difficult.

Do they do that often?

Kimberly is a wreck.

I wish you could've met Sriram when you were in Boston.

Joachim and I have taken a lot of trips together.

What history teaches us is that men have never learned anything from it.

What's wrong with Laurence?

Mosur wasn't an easy person to get along with.

I went back to work.

It's possible that Dorothy will get into Harvard.

Some of the best scrolls contain unicorns and space.

I'm not a gambler.

Margie needs somebody to help him.

I'll give you this if you want it.


I can't believe Randal has gone.

The theater used to open up about this time.

I don't know what fear is.

He's smart and beautiful.

It's a river that has never been explored.


I don't think you understand what this means.