Long live CORS proxies!

Welcome to crossorigin.me, the free CORS proxy for everyone!

What's a "CORS proxy"?

A CORS proxy is a service that allows developers (probably you) to access resources from other websites, without having to own that website.

How do I use it?

It's really easy. When you need to access a resource from a website that isn't CORS-enabled, append '/crossorigin.me' to the beginning of that URL. For example, if you wanted to grab the Google homepage, your code would request


Remember to keep the '/' or '/' after 'crossorigin.me/'.

Who set this up?

I did! I'm technoboy10, an all-around geek who likes coding. I would also appreciate it if you donated some BTC by clicking the donation button at the top of the page - domains aren't free (and neither is college)!


...not really. By default, CORS requests do not send or set cookies, and neither does crossorigin.me. I take security very seriously, and I'll do my best to plug any serious security holes. Oh, and crossorigin.me is open source, so please feel free to fix any security issues you find. :)


Yup. Only allowing GET requests makes my code more simple, and POST requests make me nervous (uploading data to somebody else's servers seems like a security hole to me).

Disagree? File an issue and let's talk.


crossorigin.me (and by extension, technoboy10) is not responsible for any illegal activities that use this service. But please, don't do illegal stuff with crossorigin.me if you want it to keep running.