Books about things like dinosaurs and monsters are a favorite among young children.

The hail cracked the window.


Jan gave me some old coins.


It's unusual for Rebecca to be here so early.

Lori's husband always helps with the grocery shopping because she finds walking difficult.

She wrapped her sandwich using Cyrus's tinfoil hat.

We work to earn money.

Rhonda, Frank and John spent Saturday practicing for the talent show.

We intended to start right away.

If you eat it every day like this, then you become tired even of sashimi.

I can not speak Turkish.

Which is larger, Japan or England?


Everybody wants to live in comfort.

Ernest started whimpering.

I'm moving back home.

Thanks a lot. I don't know what we would do without you.

I'll come with him.

Read a newspaper to keep up with the times.

We haven't contacted each other for quite a while. I am very happy to write to you.

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It's hard to keep up with his dirty deeds.

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You're scary.

Annoying people irritate me.

The problem is that we're not sure how much money Benson will need.

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Michel drank a lot yesterday.


Stop bugging me.


I can teach you how to swim.

Not a single sparrow was to be heard.

You can easily get sick in a climate like this.

Mats asked me if I knew Nikolai's address.

I think I'll talk to him.

He who is frightened of a sparrow will never sow barley.

She is chattering yet.

You got shot in the leg.

I know it's them.

If only English were as regular as Esperanto.

Quote me you best price.

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Kayvan went instead of Tareq.


He is believed to have been killed in action.

It rained during the whole meeting.

Once there lived a very wicked king in England.


Rodger knew that Scot was lying.


It will take you a whole lifetime to understand a crank like him.


Jackson seemed to get better.


Steve is now on the phone.

Juliet is sewing baby clothes.

Liyuan's wife is pregnant with twins.

I think we're in luck.

My aunt suffers from osteoporosis.


I only know how to love, suffer and sing.

Starbuck wondered when the meeting would start.

Please be as brief as possible.

"'Yuki', so you do put your own name in." "Yup, isn't that roleplaying's essence?"

Please rid me of this pain.


Somewhere in La Mancha, in a place whose name I cannot recall, there lived not long ago a nobleman. To his name he had a lance in its sheath, an old leather buckler, a scrawny workhorse and a greyhound that scurried about.

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Ants work hard all summer.

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He was lying on his back, looking at the sky.


She buys what she wants regardless of the cost.


Gail is a member of the First Nations.


I can't breath through my nose.


I think I know what you need.

Sanjay seems dependable.

Poke the fire. It's going out.

Why is Graham wearing a coat?

The book is on the shelf.

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I saw a beautiful waterfall there.

Of course you have to pay! What did you think?

There's something wrong here.


They failed the exam.

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You promised not to be rude to me any more.

Whenever he comes, he scolds us.

I'll do it for you.


Is Cookie a dog or a cat?


She confessed that she loved him.

Do you understand what's happening here?

Gary is still in the kitchen, washing dishes.


I telephoned him the message.

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You sent medicine from your pharmacy.

The teacher stressed the importance of daily practice.

Paola couldn't completely rule out the possibility that he was going to get drafted.

Are you suggesting I was the one who caused the problem?

The bank has raised its dividend by 20%.

Sorry again!

Him and me are cousins.

Is it very difficult to create an app for smartphones?

You really like baseball, don't you?

We did great.

Dorian hasn't been so lucky.

We have had fine weather this week.

Lana gets a really high salary.


Violence is the cancer of our society.

Many people would like to be motivated, innovative, thinking beings if they only get the opportunity.

That's ridiculous!

Srikanth has gotten pretty good at it.

A good Jack makes a good Jill.

The woman who answered the phone spoke French.

She is her friend.

He always takes the lead when we play dominoes.

Everything's going to be OK now.

I'm not concerned with that.

You promised me to look after them.

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Do you go to school by bus?

Management will have all employees vote at the upcoming meeting.

They were good kids.

Such a stud!

Can we get back to discussing my problem?

My father is leaving for the United States next Thursday.

As long as it doesn't interrupt the game!

Yesterday I spent the whole day working.

Johnathan is a butcher.

Mats liked Australia.

I've rarely seen him so quiet.

Klava went to a resort.

Did you see the shooter's face?

I wonder if Axel knows Alexis.

The dog will not harm you.

The guitarist in Norbert's band isn't too bad.

Where did you two first meet?

Do not teach the apple tree to bear apples. Rather drive the pigs away from it.

Do you think I'm stupid or something?

You look very handsome.

In 1899, the first cheerleaders were male students.

How do we get them out of jail?

Ken is busy now, isn't he?

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I want them to look at me.


Gil just sent me an email.


What's the subject of that play?

I don't see any problem here.

The airline makes sure to send your luggage all the way to the final destination as soon as possible, or at a later date at the passenger's choice.

He doesn't care.

David bought a pair of cheap shoes, but they didn't last very long.

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This is going to take a long time, said Tony.

I know what killed Naomi.

I put my fingers in my ears to block out the terrible sounds.

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I told them what I thought of their plan.


He made a firm resolution never to repeat it.

This tire is showing wear.

You won't be able to get there on time.


Anna is like a father to me.

This new technology is really a game-changer.

Thank you very much, doctor.

I was thinking about the plan.

Thank you so much!


That's still an open question.


The house exactly corresponds with my needs.

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What are their qualifications?

The test is at 4 p.m.

Are you a racist?


I'm not making faces at them...

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Susumu is much shorter than me.


You're a unicorn.


You should really lay off that. It'll ruin your health.

All is quiet again.

What kind of question is that? Do you really expect me to answer that?

Dates will be announced.

He will pass the upcoming examination.