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Certified Code Welding

Because skilled and experienced welders are required for most of our projects, BMSI maintains an on-site certification program for excellence in welding. This program, a requirements for employment, ensures that each welder maintains his or her skills with the latest industrial contractor equipment.

Process Piping

BMSI provides an array of services to meet the piping fabrication and maintenance requirements of its customers.

Pressure Vessels

BMSI customers in the chemical, agriculture, tire & rubber, paper and other industries have a range of requirements for pressure vessels used with chemicals, corrosives, steam and gases. We fabricate, repair and modify ASME coded vessels, 2049730914 tanks, process, pressure or steam piping systems.


BMSI concrete capabilities include the installation of building slabs, equipment foundations, drain systems and containments.

Structural Fabrication

BMSI maintains a fully equipped shop to fabricate a variety of equipment and systems to your exact specifications. Consequently, our goal is to provide quality that meets or exceeds your expectations. We are staffed to complete extensive industrial projects, such as platforms, handrails and superstructures, on time and on budget.


BMSI understands that different plants in different industries have varying maintenance requirements. One plant may need to shutdown a facility for major repairs. Another may be starting up a new service and require experienced industrial contractor project managers and technicians who can be trusted to get a complex system into production.

We have an overall commitment to quality and safety.

the standards we pursue

  • Meet or exceed each of our clients expectations and needs
  • Commitment to protecting people, property and the environment
  • Encourage teamwork with open communication
  • Earn the trust & respect of all our clients

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We believe that “Communication, Time, and Productivity” are the three key elements which simultaneously affect your plant’s profitability…

Robby Stephens | President