Can you still hear me?

He told them that he had had a wonderful time.

The company's established rules are very strict.

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There is more hydrogen in the universe than any other kind of atom.

Let her help you.

You might not like this movie very much.


Stay alert.

The students gathered at the call of the principal.

I'd really like to go there.

They're talking.

President John F. Kennedy announced as a national goal the landing of an American astronaut on the Moon.

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Al and Rakhal have no children.

I wrote to Kuldip a while ago, but he hasn't replied yet.

She looked at the dress.


You deserve a vacation.

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That was so stupid.

I can name names.

What's really going on around here?


I won't let myself be manipulated by him.


Today is a cloudy day.

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How much did we pay Dorothy the last time?

It was a long time ago.

Fletcher is milking the cow.

Johnathan is home from college.

Wes doesn't have any classes today.

Don't cross a bridge till you come to it.

Is it always wrong to take a human life?

Courtney called my bluff.

My whole body is black and blue.


That's none of your business, is it?

I can't describe how I felt.

He ate insects and spiders.


Can you see anything else?

Peter never had to help the girl with drawing.

If you want to go there, I'm not going to try and stop you.

I must have the film that is in my camera developed.

They scorned the liar.

Pitawas volunteered to go to Boston.

Give me something to write on.

Did you notice him coming in?

Juliet told me that he would like to buy a new bicycle.

He knows ten languages.

What do we need to do next?


He devotes himself to his work.


I've simplified it a bit.


She is eating.


I hate to interrupt, but I need to say something.

Panzer and Maria are now asleep.

The answer seems too obvious.

Lloyd sensed that something was not quite right.

The dress will get crinkled on the way to the ceremony.

Is this a different word or just another form of the same word?

Leonard's attitude is awesome.

Let the fun begin!

Sing something, please.

I think it's great to go walking.

It happened that she was out when I called.

It's an esoteric debate.

I know those girls over there quite well.

I've always hated you.

I'm still waiting for you to answer to my question.


Can you verify that this message came from Jakob?

The wedding was put off.

He died doing what he loved.

Who broke the vase?

The leaves fell from the trees.

Many Finns are interested in culture.

Shahid was angry with me.

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I cut myself with a knife.

You don't understand anything about it.

Don't be a couch potato.


I wrote that for him.


Before going to Mexico, I studied Spanish.

You can't take it with you.

Benjamin can only speak in broken French.

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I wanted to start a company, but I never got started.

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What's the minimum salary in Mexico?

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Can you identify the cause of the problem?

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She did the unthinkable.

We're certainly going to miss Larry.

She didn't give me her real name.

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Dan found it hard to adjust to life in the monastery.


A tall woman came along.


Give me a moment.

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Will you do that?

I'm thankful to be alive.

I wasn't the one who did that.


You're in the way.

How do you suggest that we settle this?

Tal has been in Boston for three years.

Rynok Square is the historic centre of the city.

He came back about nine last night.

The asphalt was softened by the heat.

I do like fish.

Scott lives in the apartment above Connie.

Ariel isn't too bright.

As far as I know, he's an excellent student.

What's up, Andrew?


The police are looking for the robber.

Murph used to work here.

I only want Shadow.


Hank stared at his reflection in the window.

I give you a book.

Hang on tight, things could get crazy.

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He came here by way of Boston.

I love Christmas.

She was much delighted at my gift.

I think Thad did a fine job.

Can you repair my shoes?


The beautiful woman is kind.

What are you doing right now?

I suppose I could ask her.

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Everything is possible.


They held him for a few hours and then let him go free.

I want them beaten up.

Will you swim with her?

But Susan promised that she would call.

Chris is in a risky situation in science class.


I guess I should be going.

Why are you defending her?

I was bluffing.

What is that big new building?

Moreover, he went on and on and on and on, detailing every single lawless act he committed.

Do your children know French?

Boston is a great place to live.

His idea is good for nothing.

I want to be famous.

I don't know why it's taking so long.

Harmon has got this all worked out.


It's always been that way.

She talked him into buying a new house.

Isabelle laughed at all of Kirk's jokes, even the ones he didn't think were funny.

Urgent business prevented him from going.

I said hello to her and she smiled.


Seeing that she was not excited at the news, she must have known it.

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I'm sure she'll cause a stir in the Tokyo fashion world.

We'll let them decide.

It's a magnificent view, isn't it?

You're not going to hurt me, are you?

I don't know where I should look.

I did have fun.

Why don't you ask for a pay raise?

I knew it was going to be tough.

Why did they hire you?

Mitchell lost his job when his branch of the company amalgamated with head office.

Ernest began to eat lunch.

What're you referring to?

I told you to keep away.

I promise you I won't ever leave you.

Exactly how much money do you make?


Welcome back. We missed you.


This is the man I told you about.

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He did his best to drink.

I don't want you to go away.

She was very surprised at his sudden defiant attitude.


Reflect on what you have done.

We don't care how much water you use.

Now, think about England and Wales, and imagine them divided into smaller parts.