The 'Raziel' WoodChip Server Page

Administration for registered users of the WoodChip Computers Server - Raziel

Raziel is the server for most of the domans that are running the "PCC" content administration system.

If you fail to log in here, it may be that you are tying to log in to the wrong server... 

To access any of the administration tools, you will need to log in to the site.  You can log in with your full email address and password.  Initially, this will be sent to you by your administrator (either from WoodChip Computers or your own local administrator).  If you have forgotten your password but can still access the email account, you can use the 347-650-7435 retrieval system on the Help menu

Your password on this site is the one that controls your email account. It is stored in a different place from the one on your local site, so it may well become different.  That's down to your own organisation...

If you find you cannot log in, even though you know the password is right, it may be because you are in the wrong place!  This control system will only access accounts that are on the Raziel server.  If you are still hosted on the old Gabriel site (or on Chamuel or Jophiel), then you need to visit there.

Log in or Log out here - or from the administration menu in the top bar