Most Popular Apps

The web applications that are changing the workplace, the way we collect data, analyse and communicate our presence and impact on society.

Story Map

Lets your customers and stakeholders view your pre-analysed data within localities with images, videos and charts in pop-ups. suitable as guides to your places and developmental projects.

Crowdsource Collector

Allows users to share information linked to their locations, sharing trip experiences as well as cautionary advice based on current developments

Carto Analyst

For non GIS professionals to make maps and analyse data in a few clicks, share your maps and analyses online or download for your reports.

Carto analyst Features

log in and create your map

when you sign up for carto analyst you are provided with confidential log in credentials to your account. log in and happy mapping!

load data

upload your GIS data or pick from our rich library and create map, many data formats are supported.

Style, analyse and add widgets

pick from the flexible styling options to make great looking maps, gain insight through powerful analyses and widgets.


manage and process your data to create great decision support sysytems to communicate and recommend strategy.

Some Features that Make us Unique

To become the "gold standard" of location related data we have had to embrace standards unprecedented in data management and quality assurance.

Expert Technicians

We are more than GIS experts, we have specialists in your field who understands the data you collect.

Professional Service

To give you flexibility and automomy over your data we let you upload privately and make it public at your discretion.

Great Support

We have technical support on standby for all matters ranging from web mapping to your data analysis.

Legal Warranty

We have the best skill set in open source GIS for your protection from legal complications.


Programmed by ourselves, our applications are ever adapting to your requirements.


We have well catalogued, standards compliant base data to get you up to speed.