Managing your Azure subscriptions doesn't have to be hard.

The Cloud Management Portal for Microsoft Azure is a free and simple way to view and track all of your Azure subscription, usage and spending. Our dashboard and reporting features give you a clear understanding of your Azure consumption and expenditure.

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Billing Transparency

View dashboards, not spreadsheets

Financial analysis of Azure billing data can get complex. Instead of trying to analyze 1,000s of data rows in spreadsheets, quickly see where money is being spent across projects, departments and cost centers.

Track Peak Usage and Create Alerts

Let the portal notify you when specific thresholds are exceeded so there are no billing surprises. You can easily identify peak usage and view costs to enable chargeback and showback for all Azure subscriptions.

Control Subscriptions

Manage all your Azure subscriptions directly from the portal using one simple interface. You can create custom billing reports to enable optimal cost management across your organization.

Usage & Capacity Planning

Manage usage and create reports

Grant role-based privileges to Azure resources across subscriptions and provide a best-practice approval workflow. Quickly set up and schedule regular usage reports by type of service or instance.

Monitor Trends

Get trend insights for budgeting and capacity planning. Our Cloud Management Portal helps you better understand your future usage needs by giving you custom views and reports on current and past usage.

Mine your Data

Drill down into the details. See how resources are being used, and get quick, meaningful usage analysis to streamline operations and maximize efficiency. All you need is an Azure EA and a Microsoft Live ID.

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