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This ground breaking App allows you to control and combine the 5 separate parts – Soprano, Alto, Tenor, Bass and Backing Track – any way you like.


  • Sophie Garner, Vocal Coach: The Voice
    “And what an app it is! Cannot sing its praises enough…Thank you all for creating something that takes care of everything. As a full time singer this has saved my voice!”
    Sophie Garner, Vocal Coach: The Voice


This fantastic App has a wealth of features.  Click below to see some of the great things it can do.

Song List

Over 130 songs and we add new ones every week. They are all fully licensed and legal.


Use Choir Player for Live Performance. We’ve put together this handy guide to help you (coming soon).

Wrap yourself in song and practice with the Choir, even when you’re alone

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Choir Leaders

Choir Player will make your life so much easier. From song selection to distribution and rehearsals, Choir Player ticks all the boxes – designed by choirs for choirs.


About Jane

“I love my job! It’s the best in the world. I split my time between writing, recording and performing Choir Player arrangements and running my choirs who perform regularly for charity all over East Sussex.”

More about our Choir Leader…

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“I have to say it’s fantastic, I was blown away by it.”

Andrew O’Leary – Choir member

“It is a terrific app”

Jenny Simpson, CEO Awesome Arts

“I help run a community choir and your app is really helpful!”

Deborah Koby, Choir Leader

“Awesome – love your app!!”

Bev Miatke, Choir Member

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