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Different languages are used in different places in the world.

There is no smoking in this building.

Just what are you insinuating?

You think you're funny, don't you?

Please restrict your orders to what is in our catalog.

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I hope Bradley's audition went well.


I'm just here to help them out.

I thought Marie was a musician.

Speaking of Kyoto, have you ever visited the Kinkakuji Temple?

Have you had a child disappear before?

I'd like to buy some earplugs.

Say it in Russian!

Our troops engaged with the enemy.


I wonder what happened to Rajeev's eye.


Lila! cried out the young man trembling; Lanny, you here, and in such a state?

She began to cry as soon as she left the room.

The boat was broken by the floating ice.

What's on the air this evening?

The meeting begins at three.

After she had passed her driving test, she bought a car.

He stubbed out his cigar in the ashtray and stood up to leave.

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He blushed at his foolish mistake.

Where were they?

The government imposed a new tax on farmers.

Boston is a great place to live.

It'll rain tonight.

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I'm not a veteran.

Do you want to know my first impression of Niels?

He holds stocks in this company.

There is nothing to regret about.

My father spends a lot of time on his hobby.

Ahmed said that he didn't want to eat anything.

Stop threatening inanimate objects, they can't hear you.

The main protagonists in Kamel's stories are always animals, however the bad guys are always humans.

I don't have time for breakfast.


I saw many people hurrying toward the ball park.


I want to call him. Do you have his number?


The party should be a lot of fun.


Gregory almost always ignores my advice.


I don't think that she will come.

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I thought Kathy would need help getting in and out of the bathtub.

You're going to speak Ancient Greek fluently!

What did you do on the weekend?

Don't waste your time thinking about it.

That is why all the students in the class agreed with him.

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I'll come back the evening after next.

She carried the box under her arm.

I am in a terrible dilemma.

How do I get to the post office?

Finally I found the answer to the question.


I am breast-feeding my daughter.

They drink a good deal of tea in England.

Cindie'll remember.


My son wants to be a Lincoln.

I walked from the station.

I am definitely getting the least enjoyment out of my book.

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I have been waiting for a long time.

This museum is one of the world's largest art museums.

Neville has never met Charley.

I never got an answer from Marsha.

I'm not strange.

Railway workers have their own particular terminolgy.

Tell us a little about yourself.

She was at the club at 8 o'clock.

I am going to call on him tomorrow.

It looked cheap.

I couldn't get him to stop smoking.

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I knocked a glass off the table.


He labored to complete the work.


They regarded the man as a danger to society.

To tell the truth, I didn't solve this question.

You are always on my mind.

I was eating when you called me.

I'm going to think of something.


Were you able to talk to Mason?

I heard about her.

The two went to the window to look outside.

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My cat likes to look through the window.

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When I was young, the hippest thing a kid could own was a transistor radio.

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That's what I wanted.


You have to trust me.

Trent was run down by a truck.

When did you start making money playing music?

I never thought it would come to this.

We need to know what to do next.

He is not so much a professor as a school teacher.

I can't wait to see him.

We have no reason for staying here.

We're going to watch a play.


What I like is her way of talking.

She awoke him.

The clock is made in Switzerland.

She clearly wants to go.

"This is enough, isn't it?" "Yeah, I guess so."

It took Gordon an hour to get to school.

Chip plays tennis, too.


I'm trying to think of better plan.

It was really cute.

Monday definitely isn't my favourite day of the week.

The guests wished the happy couple a long and prosperous life.

These words were spoken by someone who shall be nameless.

I only study in the library.

We went on foot.

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Boyce was completely worn out.

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You are welcome, Jack!

Why are you carding the wool?

I'll go to bed early.

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I like to smile at Teresa.


Those who haven't lived in the eighteenth century before the Revolution do not know the sweetness of life.


Why are you in a rush?


Why did you make that deal?


We'd better hurry then.

We'll all go together.

Ammonia is a base.

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I think Barry is obedient.

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Latvia has kicked off the new year by becoming a member of the Eurozone, and will thus be the eighteenth member of the zone.

Little mistakes are like salt in a soup.

I love biking and hard rock concerts.

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Ian isn't interested either.

Mistakes in the printing should be pointed out at once.

We always arrive late.

I may seem confident, but I get extremely nervous speaking in front of people. My hands tremble, I get all tongue-tied, and sometimes I don't even know what I'm saying myself.

Did you tell them to do that?

Rabbits have many offspring.

We'll make changes.

We have no more sugar.

I'm a bit down because a blogger friend of mine has decided to stop blogging.

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Is that a dog?

I'm still afraid of you.

The owner of Playfish is Electronic Arts.

I wrote my name on the cover of all my notebooks.

Ramsey wrote a scathing review of Marshall's book.

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Just to watch it made me nervous.

He seems interested in her.

Have a nice meal!

Do you prefer green or ripe bananas?

Clyde is Rebecca's adopted brother.

I suppose anything's possible.

We negotiated with the president about our working hours.

I don't write poetry.

I told Thad to take off his shoes.

Come home with me.

It's not going happen.

I think we should tell them.

Being too nervous to reply, he stared at the floor.


Health is above wealth: this doesn't give so much pleasure as that.

We still have a couple of big decisions to make.

Nice costume.


His speech captured our attention.

Seriously, I postulate that I am, right after my ex-girlfriend leaves my house, going to talk to myself in Lojban.

Brett is still not fully aware of what has happened.

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In my city, Warsaw, it is cold.

How did she discover that?

Even if you are busy, you should keep your promise.

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I chanced on a beautiful girl.

Jakob banged the table with his fist.

Muriel is living poorly off of her part-time job.