I don't believe in karma.

I want you to start right now.

This restaurant provides good meals.

Robert said Boston is a nice place.


He was paid one million dollars in retirement allowance.

The number of students is dropping.

William was convicted of kidnapping in 2013.


It will be hard to convince the owner to sell his house.

Life is no bed of roses.

Does Ilya wear shoes indoors?

I'll be sure to tell them that.

Eva could not turn away from the picture of Sleeping Beauty that Eric had drawn.

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She continued with the work.

I don't care who you're going with.

I'll see to it first thing tomorrow.


Dublin is my favourite town.

The house is not in very good condition.

I'm glad people saw it.

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All my efforts went for nothing.


Have you called me?


What's Keith going to do with it?

I am a seagull.

You can fool all the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time.

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You may think that animals can sleep in any position.


It's pouring down rain.


Those who laugh much are happier than those who laugh little.

She bought him a camera that was too big to fit in his shirt pocket.

The government appointed Mr Brown ambassador to Peru.


She was an excellent student.


I won't tell her you said that.

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They split their sides laughing.

I only found out a couple days ago.

Those selected will have to face extensive medical and psychological tests.

Sjouke had a really bad day at work.

I had a right to privacy too.


Giovanni seems to know all that already.

I don't play accurately - anyone can play accurately - but I play with wonderful expression.

Come over here!

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Everyone lies to me.

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That sounds nice.

As if fleeing, he left the vegetable aisle to go to the meat corner.

I wish I'd worn short sleeves.

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As to the source of this statement, I know nothing.

I know what your game is.

Rodent was driven out of the temple.

Can I have a little bread while waiting?

There's no salad oil left.


You're a peculiar girl.

The use of trust-region algorithms is becoming more and more frequent.

This man has a horse.

Which team do you think will win?

I said we'd find Brad.

No matter which musical instrument you want to learn to play, the most important thing is not to make any mistakes from the beginning on, because mistakes are always imprinted on your mind more easily than everything you do right.

Despite their bulk and weight, hippos can swim rapidly.

I will drink for you in spirit.

He who is afraid of asking is ashamed of learning.

Joni kicked off his shoes.

I want to learn how to swim.

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It looks like we'd better leave.


We got a good price for that.

Since he was honest, I hired him.

Can't we leave it as it is?

I have been to London.

You remember what happened last time, don't you?


The frightened boy's heart palpitated with terror.

We are just about the same age.

He survived a severe heart attack.


Clifford is married with three children.


Mat said that I talked to much.


Do you want me to help them?

Excuse me?

You'd better do as No says.

Of course, I haven't seen all marijuana users. But marijuana use causes temporary stupidity. Everyone knows that.

What did you think it was?


The number of people suffering from AIDS has increased.


Leora took the hammer away from Shankar.

The glass is half full or half empty?

He is Mr Jones.

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I thought you could use this.

I was born on a ship.

Jeffrey has been through enough.

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I'd like to finish the work on my own.


I thought you were dating her.

Wounded bears are usually very dangerous.

I'm never going to stop loving you.


We shall leave in the morning, weather permitting.

I'll lend you what little money I have on me.

I asked them to describe it.

This is a really bad time. Could you come back later?

I met her at a club.


Yesterday there were two weddings here.


My uncle died of cancer two years ago.

Thanks to you I've lost my appetite.

Skip didn't tell me what the meeting was going to be about.


Say, Conductor! What's the next town?


Mom, I want you to braid my hair.

We're never going to quit.

Just let go.

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He stood me up; I waited all evening for him!


He was bewildered.

I thought Alejandro wouldn't do that.

The cat that couldn't reach the sausage says, "In any case it's Friday".

Mick never makes the same mistake twice.

He gave me coffee even though I had asked for tea.


When I came home, he was cooking dinner.

The wall appeared to be smooth and impenetrable.

Who are your closest friends?


It'll be exciting.

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Where did you grow up?

Uri became a sailor.

Eva really came through on that one.

In any case, it's always my fault.

Suwandi was so sweet. He brought me flowers all the time.

We haven't seen them.

Hotta came late as usual.

Because he lied, he was punished.

He isn't less clever than his brother.

I often listen to soothing music in order to relax.

I am pretty sure.

I think you and I need to talk.

I think Darin will be ready.


She can speak French fluently.

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It's on the table.

It's not a big deal.

Being an orphan, my father had to start earning money at ten.


What makes life dreary is the want of motivation.

Hold on one second, please.

Put these letters in the mail box.

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Aren't you supposed to be in school right now?

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What has he done?

Any time I caught myself thinking negatively, I would rephrase the thought in a way that was more positive.

I want you to clean your room.

I know I can get this to work.

I need a moment with you.


When was the last time you got a pedicure?


Don't you ever get tired?


How are we going to pay for that?

"Now," said Mr. Wood.

That would be unprofessional.

Empty vessels make the most noise.

I think I've had one too many.


That cannot have been true.

It was a beautiful summer, and the sky was always blue.

Her dress was very unbecoming.

He's not my boyfriend, it's just platonic love with benefits!

I spoke to Tracy about that just the other day.


Are there infixes in English? Abso-fucking-lutely!

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I have a long way to go.


What is the next street after this?