OddEye is one of the world’s most advanced monitoring platforms. It provides an all in one monitoring and anomaly detection suite. We utilize machine learning to detect anomalies and generate real-time alerts. OddEye’s main goal has always been to minimize human intervention and provide feature rich dashboards with intuitive configuration parameters. Our platform is system and sensor agnostic and can detect anomalies and plot data for any systems, sending metrics to our API servers.

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Machine Learning

Our sophisticated machine learning algorithms will automatically detect any abnormal behavior within your systems and alert you in real time when action is required. You will save hundreds of man hours, thousands of dollars, and reduce potential downtime. Our cloud-based machine learning algorithms are always learning by constantly analyzing your data, adopting new thresholds, and detecting anomalies.


Awesome Dashboards

We provide amazing dashboards to help visualize your data. This includes line, pie, gauge, funnel, bar, treemap and infrastructure charts, with a powerful query builder. Easily share your dashboard templates to create simple data visualizations . You can also create sophisticated charts via our intuitive and powerful query builder.

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OpenSource Agent

OddEye-agent is completely open-source and hosted at GitHub. It supports dozens of popular servers and is compatible with any Linux/Unix platform. OE-Agent is a Python2 and Python3-compatible Linux Daemon application, including minimal configuration requirements and usage of system resources.

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Open API Server

The OddEye API Server makes it easy for Developers and DevOps staff to write their own custom agents which send monitoring data to OddEye. If you want to monitor your non-standard devices or just want to have home made agent running at your infrastructure, you just need to grab your metrics, serialize them JSON-format and send the data to our servers. OddEye will analyze your data and store it to our database in real time, so you can create your dashboard and start visualizing data.



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