Barclays manipulated Libor.

Can we get back to discussing my problem?

Her name was wrongly spelled.

That's very childish.

Sundaresan is a promising young musician.


I was in New York when it happened.


I belong to the karate club.


He had a classic education.

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The miner asked the lamp spirit for a happy life.

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As a matter of fact, he did just catch that bird in midair with his teeth.

My parents are waiting for me.

Let me know when you get that report back from Alberto.


I told them not to tell anyone.


I love going to book sales.

He doesn't think so.

Do you think I'm good-looking?


"I'm going to Hawaii next week." "Really?"

Please give this to us.

We did have a look around for you!


They didn't like you.


When I don't have my cell phone, I feel lonely.


Do you deny that you have done this?

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Don't let them frighten you.


But I have never been more hopeful than I am tonight that we will get there.

This is driving me crazy.

He carried on business for ten years in Tokyo.

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I don't think we should be talking about this here.


I created a shortcut on the desktop.

I have the video.

Too many irons in the fire result in bad workmanship.

How many players are there?

The research cast new light on the issue.

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How dare you speak like that to me?

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The troops were annihilated.

They all answered "Yes" to a man.

Roderick taught his children French.

I was surprised and became sad.

Your plan seems better than mine.

Don't be upset by sudden change of the weather.

The shepherd is tending his flock.

You'll get a copy.

Who are you? What're you doing here?

She copied a sentence.

Ramadoss might be playing chess with Mitchell right now.

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John said he'd like to marry me, and I'm as happy as can be.

A work like "In This House of Brede," which tells the story of a successful businesswoman who enters a convent in middle life, is as interesting--and for the same reasons--as a story that takes place on a planet orbiting a distant star.

Just say yes or no.

I don't remember anything else.

I came by to water Bryce's plants.

I kissed Antonio.

When she got lost, she wished she had followed his advice.

I want to take a closer look at that report.

Osakans sometimes roll their Rs like in Spanish.

Nobody liked Miriam.

Somehow I have taken a fancy to that girl.


Where did you come up with the idea that I'm familiar with robotics and such I wonder?


He was very badly situated.

I'll see you whenever it suits you.

Give him this picture.

The house is not ideal, but it's all right.

I set the tray down on the table.

It really smells like coffee.

I like a good cup of coffee.


I'm not going to hold that against you.

Cris hasn't seen us yet.

I was like them once.


Don't pick at me.

Jill was afraid that no one would come to his party.

Hume closed his eyes, wincing in pain.


I was as surprised by Jiri's death as you were.


Tell them we're unarmed.

Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year.

I'm glad to see you've come to your senses.


You can resolve this as a system of equations.


Alan was a coach.

We aren't friends.

She seemed to like that.

I won't let that happen.

Do you know why?

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Roman's guitar playing sounds likes it's gotten better.


Please take with you as much as you need.

I thought you might know.

Well, I'll be happy to loan you the money.

On warm days, bears stretch out or lie on their backs with their feet in the air.

I thought they were all Canadians.

It is not music.

Fay ate something that made him sick.

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It's just a figure of speech.

The baby has gotten rid of its cold.

Children filled the room.


Here, take my coat and scarf.

John and I took turns driving.

It would be unfair if we treated him so badly.

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It must be easy for him to find the way.

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She gazed at me for a long time.


That's not what you want to do.


Leaves are to plants what lungs are to animals.

You're getting so big.

That should make you feel better.

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Shari will respond.

I told them we'd be late.

I'm so happy to meet you.

At the summer camp, she was in charge of the group I belonged to.

What were you doing in my apartment?

I've been seeing things.

We are all looking forward to seeing your family.

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It appears to me you are mistaken.

I just wanted to stand here by myself.

We need to pick Rodney up at the station.


That was the best meal I've ever eaten.


I like sauerkraut.

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What did you tell her about it?

Nichael does not like this color.

Marie took a sip of his margarita and smiled.

The giant was not loved by anybody.

Guillermo looked at his watch and saw that he only had five minutes left until lunchtime.


I didn't believe Eva would ever do it.


The rain forecast for yesterday didn't eventuate.


Those colours go well together.


Summer holiday begins in July.


It's been a great help.

Jochen doesn't agree with Randell.

The cherry trees are in full bloom now.


Tracy is a viticulturist.

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This clock is mine.

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Joachim will show you the ropes.

Lar told Judy he was interested in art.

I need a ladder.

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Sekar couldn't have done it without you.

Where are you taking her?

They sent him to jail for all the crimes he had committed.

Eric is off with the flu.

He is engaged in selling cars.

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You're a gentleman.


I have a terrible headache. I just took two painkillers. Let's hope it goes away.


There's no way Rod will win the race.


Vassos says he wants to ask me a lot of questions.

Eduardo is from Ecuador. He is Ecuadorian.

In the same moment, a thought about tomorrow's work came to my mind.

The price was outrageous.

Boyce can play the guitar, but not very well.

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I have a blue house.

I didn't know about your plan.

If she is tired, let her go to sleep.

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My mum likes tea very much.