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We are a unique consulting firm because we see the whole playing field regarding Business Recovery. Whether you have a need for a local business recovery requirement or you are creating an enterprise–wide policy, Continuity Dynamics, Inc. can help you to prioritize and act upon your most critical needs. We will recommend the most cost effective and expeditious solutions to make your first critical steps key building blocks towards a strong foundation. We can also introduce you to industry-leading solutions that have been proven at our other client sites. This is an ever changing industry and we can help you navigate wisely to ensure that you are continually minimizing your risk factors.

At Continuity Dynamics, Inc., we can help you:

We focus on all of the traditional solutions that exist in our industry: Business Impact Analyses (BIA), Requirement Definitions, Recovery Planning Solutions, Table Top Testing, Disaster Testing, and more. Uniquely, we focus on additional areas that have emerged as key complementary solutions in our industry: Security, Biometrics and Encryption, Business Resiliency Solutions, Notification, Supply Chain, and more.

Our focus on several vertical markets provides an experience factor that enables our organization to better understand what your needs may be: Banking and Finance, Manufacturing and Distribution, Engineering and Production, Voice and Telecom Recovery, Public and Private sector coordination, and many other industries.

Our commitment is to support industry leading organizations that exist directly in, and on the periphery of, our industry is critical — Association of Contingency Planners (ACP), Contingency Planning Exchange (CPE), Northeast Disaster Recovery Information Exchange Group (NEDRIX), American Society for Industrial Security (ASIS), Information Systems Security Association (ISSA), and many others. We are committed to giving back to this industry and helping to teach others.

Members and affiliates of Continuity Dynamics, Inc. have also served as Subject Matter Experts (SME's) and presenters at some of the finest global conferences that serve our industry. Communications both within an enterprise and between enterprises, and especially among supply chain partners in any industry, is a key attribute of Continuity Dynamics, Inc.. We commit to understanding your organization well, and then assisting in the communication and action plans amongst all parties to help drive enterprise success.

Continuity Dynamics, Inc. commits to the following deliverables:

Service Excellence and Enterprise-wide Support are paramount to the success of any organization. For over twenty–five years, the management team and affiliates of Continuity Dynamics, Inc. has been uniquely focused on "being members of your team" as we have worked together to analyze, evaluate, recommend and implement solutions to minimize the risk to your employees and your organization. Service excellence is one of our primary success factors.

In closing, we invite you to consider Continuity Dynamics, Inc. to become a resource for your team. Given the diversity and experience of our resources, we should be able to always provide the right resource at the right time. We are different from other organizations in that we consider many different aspects of your recovery environment in our departmental and enterprise planning. Please contact Ralph Petti at (908) 310-6381 so that we can discuss your critical requirements and timetables.

Thank you for your consideration and please check back often for continued updates and additional important links.

Ralph A. Petti, MBCI, CBCP
Continuity Dynamics, Inc.