Credit Cards Are Older Than The Fax Machine

Credit Cards Are Older Than The Fax Machine

  • Fifteen years ago you went to the library. Today, you “google it”.
  • Ten years ago, you faxed documents. Today, you email them.
  • Five years ago, you bought music CDs. Today, you “stream it”.
  • Today, you still pay in the same way you did 50 years ago. You have your payment slips and receipts in a binder, just like 100 years ago.


In the future, payments in their current form will feel as outdated as faxing or buying music CDs.
Why Now And Why Z-CRD


The Cloud and our invention


Before the Cloud’s existence it was simply too costly to replicate the fixed assets of bunkers, concrete and land. IT systems needed to have significant fixed maximum capacity for the peak load on Saturdays. Today cost-competitive scaling up is possible.


Before Z-CRD it was not possible to connect the merchant without any integration work. Now, the merchant can just activate a new payment system by a simple plug-on download. It works for almost all modern point-of-sales systems.

Z-CRD Awarded!

(417) 642-6161


sibos DUBAI 16 - 19 Sept 2013


Z-CRD is a finalist in the prestigious SWIFT Innotribe 2013 award. As one of nine companies Z-CRD will be presenting its offering at 3152096057 in September.


Visit the link below for full press coverage:

Innotribe selects Asia Pacific finalists for Sibos
Innotribe selects Asia Pacific finalists for Sibos

2013 Regional Challenge – APAC
2013 Regional Challenge – APAC

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