He announced his engagement to her.

I'm getting annoyed by your behavior.


What's your favorite way to exercise your dog?


She cut the cake into six pieces and gave one to each of the children.

It is especially hot today.

Dwight doesn't believe the rumors about Matt.

Hell is other people.

When she heard the news, she leaped from her chair.

One of them went to hide.

Not only can he speak Mandarin, but Shanghainese as well.

That might be a good place to start.

Your food's getting cold.

The only reason why Ferdinand Magellan could claim to be the first man to sail across all of the world's meridians was because Christopher Columbus had chosen to swim.

I'll give you a ring.


I am swearing at that jerk!

"What do special forces do apart from training and fighting?" "Training."

Len wrapped her arms tightly around her chest.

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A year of snow is a year of prosperity.

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Our little children were taken care of by the babysitter.


Can you go with us?

I want to retire.

Ropes surround the place.


I'm not going to the library, but I can take you as far as the station.


When you're able, could you answer me a question?

My father has a new car.

What's your sign?

You should go to bed early.

Josh is intimidated by Edmond.

I will follow her.

It was nice chatting with you.

I'm not certain Jane is responsible.

I'll meet you at the ball park.


Father visited my uncle in hospital.

Sundar saw some dead fish floating on the lake.

You must quit smoking cigarettes.


Brandon got Dave to scratch the part of his back he couldn't reach.

I identified myself with the gangsters in the film.

What time do you usually get up on Saturday?

She shuddered with cold.

Judith woke in a stupor after a night of heavy drinking.

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Dana wasn't arrested.

You're either very brave or very stupid.

Reid is a very good guitarist, isn't he?

Illness prevented me from calling on you.

Seize the moment.

Get out of the bathroom once and for all!

Bernie doesn't have a leg to stand on.


This makes me smile to death!

Many wedding ceremonies will take place on the seventh of July.

I like both Susan and Betty, but I think Susan is the nicer.

My father's hobby is fishing.

Wait quietly until the substitute teacher gets here.

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The senator remained neutral in the furious controversy.

I'm just rambling.

You just like watching TV, so you think that what I do in my spare time is so intense.

After countless burials of the hatchet, we always dig it up again. There doesn't seem to be any sign of an ever-lasting peace.

Yvonne has a great sense of humor.


Who do you agree with, Mr. Burns or Mr. Roland?

Her eyes popped out when she heard that.

If you take this medicine, you'll feel better.

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The meeting isn't over.


Great jubilation is often followed by bitter disappointment.

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The hell with him!

When he met the lady, he raised his hat.

Did you do it?

I teach French.

Pierce asked someone sitting near the window to open it.

Slippery slugs slithered sideways down the slope.

Before Collin got married, she was a dancer.

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He's the sole breadwinner for the family.


These are your things.

Dietary fibre is good for losing weight.

Love is more powerful than death.


The lake supplies water to the village.

The athlete says that during the race, he felt as if time had almost slowed down.

That's not good enough.

He wrote a letter yesterday.

She advised him to come back at once.


Not to brag, but I'm a pretty good athlete.

Do you have any ivory crepe blouses in medium?

Marilyn painted the barn red.

There was no life on the island.

Don't make me come after you.

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Do as your heart dictates.

If Lorraine doesn't go, I won't go either.

She would willingly come but she was on vacation.

Stanly was late again this morning.

There's a rumor in the air that the firm is going into bankruptcy.

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Francisco made it look so easy.

I think you should hold your horses a little.

Dan went outside to see what Linda was doing.

Let's hit the road.

He works as a ghost writer.

I think I may know what this is about.

Clay didn't like Straka and she didn't like him.

This is my project.

They're painting the fence tomorrow.

His roof was damaged.

I can't stand boiled onions!

It looks like the question was too easy for you. Next time, I'll have to make it a bit harder.

I have enough money to buy a car.


The weather was great just a moment ago. How is it suddenly raining now?

It is easy to distinguish good from evil.

It was untrue.

The collection of wristwatches is a hobby.

Case is your friend.


I'm fed up.

Okey doke.

Can you hang around for a minute?


I spent Monday with her.

I'd be grateful.

Jesper is gorgeous.

I baked these cookies for him.

One finds a large proportion of immigrants among the workforce in these factories.

She is busy preparing supper now.

Maybe we can solve your problems.

I guess you think you're pretty special, don't you?

Dani nodded slightly to Melinda.


I'm going to buy some things with you.

Sumitro likes taking walks with Noemi.

Hilda is frugal.

Don't expect me to be truthful when you keep lying to me so blatantly.

They argued about the sentence.


He seems to have a fat purse.


I just got here yesterday.

Don't you love your wife?

Cats can see when it is dark.

Jitendra used to be conceited.

Robin seems to be preparing for tomorrow's lessons.


Choose such friends as will benefit you, they say.

I don't think this is a wasp.

He has gone blind in both eyes.

I ate lunch two and a half hours ago.

Dani tried to get Everett to drink some water.

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I don't think Patty has a driver's license.

He served his king faithfully.

The walls have ears.

Eduardo couldn't see very much.

She didn't like this city when she moved here, but she has gotten used to it now.

I'd rather not talk about it here.

Jeannette still looks depressed.

I'm sorry about last night.

I played outside with everybody because weather was good today.


Shut off the water.

We have to figure out a way to get out of here alive.

Have you seen a brown wallet around here?

We need to look for other options.

She loves me.

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He saved the drowning boy at the risk of his own life.

He's been teaching for 20 years.

I wonder where Joe went?

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It's essential that you understand the situation.

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During his year of study abroad, Winnie's French improved rapidly.


I wrote a letter to my parents at home.

The traveler reached his destination at last.

That's nice to know.

I can't believe you're talking to me like this.

He saw a mouse.

See you later!

Today is the last day of January.


Tonight, I'll have to do an interview.

I'll let you know all about it later on.

You know Timothy better than I do.