Vital Abstract llc. is a personable and experienced Title Company in New Jersey, providing a full range of loan, real estate closing/settlement  services for clients throughout the entire New Jersey, Pennsylvania and New York.

No matter what type of transaction, Vital Abstract  is ready to meet your needs. We service all types of Commercial and Residential Refinances, Purchases, Ownership & Encumbrance Searches, Short Sales, Foreclosure Transactions and Government Acquisitions.

We pride ourselves on providing our clients a unique approach to service…we take care of every detail…big or small…start to finish. No hassles, no headaches and we’ll even close any transaction at your convenience. When you put yourself in our hands, you can get back to business.

Our expertise in real estate, Title insurance, mortgage documentation and closing techniques is combined with state-of-the-art technology and closing software. This successful combination and our comprehensive services mean better service and faster, more efficient closings.

Our company policy and procedures are specifically aimed to ensure that every transaction closed in our office is handled with the highest standards of precision and care! Please feel free to navigate through our interactive web site to see everything we have to offer!

Our  representatives are experienced individuals committed to bringing a successful conclusion to what is often viewed as an inconvenient, though necessary, step in the closing  process.

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Phone: (732) 230 2574


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