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DevOps Engineer Training

Complete Academic Learning Path, Hands on exercises, Proctored exams, and Professional & Working experience as a DevOps engineer through required contributions to our open source DaaS(DevOps as a Service) Software Project.

Why DevOps?

* There were 156,209 DevOps engineer job openings in September, 2017
* Recent study by Grand View Research, Inc. lists the global DevOps market size at 12.85 billion by 2025
* Average DevOps Salary: $133,378
* 60% of hiring managers are looking to hire DevOps engineers but are unable to
* #2 on Glassdoors 50 best jobs in America.

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5% course fee referral bonus for engineers who pay in full.

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Included with Course:

* iDevOps Boot Camp Program
* Mac Book 1.2GHz Processor 256GB Storage
* AWS Certificate Preparation Material
* AWS Certificate Preparation Material
* Ondemand Mentorship
* 4 Months of Staffing Agency Placement Effort
* Direct Interview Mentorship & Coaching
* Resume Mentorship & Training
* Professional & Working Experience as a DevOps engineer through required contributions to our open source DaaS (DevOps as a Service) project.
* If you can provide proof of owning a Mac Book email us at admin@idevops.io regarding a refund of the Mac Book Fee.

Expert Instructors

Our instructors have exstensive knowledge and experience in DevOps and will help guide you through the learning process at specific intervals.


Our program is designed to let you learn at your pace. The typical time to completion is about 6 months, however motivated individuals should be able to complete the material in about 3 months along with the required 360 hours of completed DevOps tasks and certifications.

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Amazon Web Services

During the program you will be required to get two AWS certifications:

  • AWS Solutions Architect Associate
  • AWS Certified DevOps Professional


Expert Rating

We use expert rating for python certificates.

Project Management


Our platform automatically integrates with Jira and utilizes Jira API's to run the backend for our hands on training phase.



We utilize slack for the day to day communication. Slack is a IT industry common software used to collaborate team based communication. Our goal is to integrate you with the technologies you will be using in your daily jobs.



GSuite is utilized for business meetings. Our automatic meeting scheduling system is done through meet and the enterprise version offered with GSuite. GSuite is heavily used, and you will have an account issued and sent via email after signup.



We leverage Katacoda playgrounds for our unique hands on exercises.



Kubernetes is quickly becoming the DevOps industry standard for Docker container deployment and management.



Docker allows companies to build their applications into linux containers which use less resources and can be deployed to Kubernetes as pre-built & tested applications.



Linux is the main operating system type you generally interface with in DevOps. You will be exposed to multiple flavors of linux while in the program.

Hire Engineers

Reliable & Certified

Our streamlined employer engineer program is in development. We expect to launch in Q4 of 2019.


Our engineers are required to get the following certifications:

  • AWS Solutions Architect Associate
  • AWS Certified DevOps Professional
  • Expert Rating Python 2.7.x Skills Test

Real World Experience

Our engineers learn by contributing to open source DevOps as a service software. We expect an early release version of the software in Q1 of 2020. Contact us for more information.

We can still facilitate the hiring process while we are developing the streamlined portal. Until the employer engineer portal is complete we will send our available engineers to our premiere company mailing list.


We are committed to providing a consistent product to you the employer. Our goal is to show you everything they do while in the program to build the confidence you need to make the right decision and hire our engineers. The engineer listings will have all certifications, past professional experience, instructor reviews, proctored exams, committed sprint stories and hours, and any other relevant material.

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Why should you get into DevOps?

DevOps engineers has been ranked #2 job just under Data Scientist.

DevOps engineers has been ranked #2 on Glassdoors 50 best jobs in America.

Most of the engineers we have placed have only had a GED or High school education. The lack of available engineers means companies will hire anyone who can prove they are capable.

Average DevOps Salary: $133,378.

Recent study by Grand View Research, Inc. lists the global DevOps market size at 12.85 billion by 2025.

There were 156,209 DevOps engineer job openings in September, 2017.

60% of hiring managers are looking to hire DevOps engineers but are unable to fill position because of the lack of available qualified engineers.

Why Hire From Us?

Our Engineers are proven and with our Employer Portal coming in Q2 2019 you will be able to verify for yourself. We believe in trust but verify.

Lance Zukel
Completed June, 2016
Hired by Charter Communications

The program was great, and self paced. I was able to complete the program in 2 months. Helped me change my life, and I have a indemand career. I no longer have to work on cars for a living.

Joseph Grimm
Completed June, 2017
iDevOps.io Inc. CLO (Chief Learning Officer).

When starting iDevOps.io, I had little in regards to a technical background; however, I had a strong desire to learn. The iDevOps.io training program and it’s direct mentorship, were able to take my curiosity for development and teach me how to become a DevOps engineer by doing DevOps tasks. I am extremely grateful for the experience this program gave me. It changed the trajectory of my life and career, and hopefully it will do the same for you.

Tou Tong Vang
Completed June, 2017
Hired by Hitachi

They pointed me in the right direction and I did what they told me to. When I completed the program I was able to find a job and iDevOps was a big help.

Ming Huang
Direct Mentorship Completed 2019
Hired by ChiroTouch.

Grant is the best career and technical mentor ever! He is so patient to answer every question I have, even some naive ones. He got talented to explain technical stuff clearly to the non-technical person. I was trying to switch my career from data analyst to DevOps engineer, and I got lost where I should start from. Then, I found Grant on LinkedIn as a Sr Devops engineer for advice. He was very patient and nice to tell me what I need to accomplish before applying for a job. He is very knowledgeable and has a lot of resources to help me succeed in this field. When I finished the projects he assigned to me, he gave the useful feedbacks where I am lack of and where I can improve. After his guide, I was very confident to apply for the job and finally got the offer. I know DevOps is hard and I have a long way to fight with DevOps problems. As long as Grant is my mentor, everything will be smooth and conquerable!

Sean Sturghill
Completed June, 2017
iDevOps.io Chief Learning Officer (CTO)

Going through the iDevOps boot camp was an amazing adventure. Under Grant’s tutelage and experience working with peers going through the same program I was endowed with the tools I need to not only solve the tasks and problems in the DevOps community but to innovate the ideology as a whole. I will be one of your instructors for the Bootcamp.

The team behind the magic!

Joesph Grimm

Chief Learning Officer (CLO)

Lead Instructor | DevOps Engineer

As Chief Learning Officer (CLO), Joseph “Joey” Grimm is responsible for all of the company’s academic resources. These include hands on training exercises, mentorship, academic lessons, syllabus design, and continued research into additional academic materials.

Before stepping into his role as CLO at iDevOps, Joey spent a decade in law enforcement. During his tenure as a law enforcement officer, Joey conducted thousands of police investigations ranging from petty misdemeanors to homicides, supervised and managed various law enforcement units, is a certified police instructor in numerous areas, and an expert in the subject of police use of force. Additionally, Joey is a real estate investor in the Kansas City Area, hobbyist craft beer brewer, and woodworker.

Grant Zukel

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Lead Instructor | Lead Architect

As Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Grant is responsible for managing product & company strategy. Grant operates as the vision and the main driving force behind the program. Also acting as a lead instructor, lead architect, designer, and developer assisting Sean, Joey, Jason, and Brenda where needed for the iDevOps.io project. Also Grant is responsible for the design and production of all company logos and graphics.

Grant holds a degree in Philosophy and is currently working towards his second degree in Electrical Engineering and is 1 year from completion. Grant speaks 3 languages: English, Chinese, and Japanese. Grant also programs in: Python, C, C#, Javascript, Java, Objective C, Bash, Html, R, and has even dabbled in the open source google produce quantum computing language.

After serving in the Air Force a company offered grant a position as a DevOps engineer. Grant took the position and has spent the last 6 years as a DevOps engineer learning and building his expertise to be an extremely efficient difference maker at every company he has worked for. This process he developed over the course of six years that lead to his success was then turned into a learnable process and iDevOps.io was born. Grant lead the instructing for the pilot program that lead to the placement of +4 engineers proving the effectiveness of the program as proof of concept and has now developed it into a successful DevOps training & staffing agency.

Sean Sturghill

Chief Technical Officer (CTO)

Lead Instructor | Lead DevOps Engineer

Prior to becoming an executive at iDevOps, Sean served in the United States Air Force. While serving Sean became an Instructor Sensor Operator, training other military and civilian personnel on the operation of Predator and Reaper drones as well as the execution of tactics exclusive to the unit. Sean’s exceptional performance as an instructor paved the way to become an evaluator.

Brenda Zukel

Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

General Administration

As chief financial officer (CFO), Brenda Zukel is responsible for all the company’s financial functions. These include accounting, audit, treasury, corporate finance and investor relations.

Brenda has held various different titles before coming on as an executive at iDevOps. Previously she was a database administrator for the Experiential Learning Center at CU Denver, Interned for the Federal Transit Administration(helped create a database system to track, organize, and store data on disposition of funds, vehicles and property of the FTA), and has been an executive assistant and gis contact for the Aurora Fire Department, Aurora, Colorado.

Brenda graduated from the University of Colorado Denver in 2014 with her BA in Geography, with an Emphasis in GIS.

"DevOps Engineer is the second-best job in 2018, paying a median base salary of $105,000 and 3,369 job openings" ~ Forbes.com